Lifeline is the first story in the Lifeline series. The objective of the game is to assist Taylor, a science student and Cadet for the starship, Varia, which has crash landed on a barren moon. Your job is to help them survive!


The game puts the player in a supportive role, in which you are the only person able to communicate with Taylor. Taylor talks to you and the game gives you choices in how to respond, this means you choose the direction in which the game will take. A wrong choice could be fatal to The main character



Taylor is the main character in this story. Their gender isn't specified. Appearance wise, not a lot is known about the character.


Taylor's survival of the Varia crash is the result of Colby's quick actions. Colby pushed Taylor into an escape pod, then went to assist the other crew, moments before the crash. Unfortunately, Colby dies in the crash.

Taylor describes Colby as a maternal figure to them and also as being the nicest and smartest of the Varia crew.

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