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The Lifeline series takes a terrifying turn in this interactive horror experience. Every decision you make could help Wynn to safety or lead her to an untimely end.

Something has gone horribly wrong... Venture deep into a mysterious scientific facility, where a woman named Wynn has just woken up strapped to a hospital bed. She doesn't remember what happened to her - all she knows right now is that she has to get out of this place. And her only link to the outside world... is YOU!

Help Wynn navigate creepy darkened hallways as the shrieks of something inhuman get closer... In this thrilling interactive horror experience, your choices shape the story and ultimately decide Wynn's fate!

• A truly immersive horror experience! • The Green Series continues with a terrifying twist!  • Written by award-winning author Daryl Gregory. • Norman Fairbanks returns with an original bone-chilling score. • Wynn’s heart-rate monitor gives real-time feedback as you make decisions in the story. • Interact with the story on your phone, Android Wear device, or through notifications! • Play in English, German, French, Japanese, or Russian!


The game starts with: SYSTEM STATUS: READY and Q-COMM DISABLED. The player asks to initiate Q-Comm, and the Comm is initiated. A countdown of 3, 2, 1, and 0, and a person's voice asks where that person is. There is also their pulse rate and another sign that shows whether an inhibitor is active. The person is surprised to hear someone coming from their head and that the voice that person is receiving from the player is not natural. The player possibly responds by saying that the player is just a person typing on a device. The person is confused and says that they can't see because they are in a dark, damp, and cold room. The person then says that there is actually a light coming from the other side of the cracked glass and is flickering. The person then says that they cannot move and that their head is hurting badly, that their skull is pounding, and that they are thirsty. The person says that they might just be imagining this, but the person thanks to the player for reassuring that this is real. The person encounters a memory saying the last thing they remember is that that they were walking in the desert sunlight. Suddenly, they heard a scream and walked toward the sound. Then instantly, they remember lights shining onto them in an operation into their head. The person remembers hearing the sound of a saw in operation. The person asks the player if the player is a doctor, and the player reassures them that the player is not part of that facility they are in.

The player asks the person why there was an operation, and the person gets angry for not being able to think. The player comforts the person by saying that it'll come to them later. The person thanks the player and says that they are breathing but is having trouble with a headache and says that it feels like their head is splitting open. The person remembers the saw and is now trapped and cannot move. The person remembers that they are trying to find someone and thinks that this amnesia is the result of being given drugs. The person wonders if they will die there, and the player reassures the person that they will not die and that the player will help them along the way. The person appreciates that and says that their wrists and ankles are in a type of cuff, and there are straps as well. The straps run through rails under the bed, and there's an I.V. or a clear plastic tube running into something behind their head. The person cannot escape by pulling off the cuffs, but they can loop the tube under their right buckle to try to flip it open upon inspection. However, it will hurt because there is a needle in their arm and it might start to bleed. After a while, the person managed to get the tube under the buckle and finally opened the right buckle. The person's arm is bleeding, but their right arm is free. After that, the person works on the rest of these restraints and finally sits up. The person felt better and disconnected the I. V., which was empty anyway. The person is still keeping the bandage on their arm, and their head is still pounding, the person is half-naked in a paper gown, is in a freezing room, and feels like they have some mental health condition. The player reassures them that they don't and they asks for the player's name. The player gives them their name, and the person responds that their name is Wynn. Wynn asks how the player got access to talking to them, and the player responds with a Q-Comm. Wynn doesn't know what a Q-Comm is, and the player says that they pressed start and they started to have communication on their smartphone.

Wynn says that they need water and painkillers. Wynn gets more of their memory back by saying that they were looking for someone, but then heard an animal screaming. Wynn was looking for Delilah, a person Wynn doesn't want to specify now but remembers a big ape, a kind of chimpanzee screaming and shot bleeding, lying on its side. However, metal and wires were sticking on top of its head, and the ape looked at Wynn. Wynn described the ape as possessing intelligence, a way a human would look at another. The ape opened its mouth, and something was filling its mouth. The body was bleeding from gunshots, and Wynn suspects the ape was contagious because it was sick. Wynn then only remembers the doctors in operation and says that they need water and painkillers. Wynn stands but says it's like a spike went through their skull. Wynn is weak, and the floor is ice cold. Wynn has their eyes adjust to the light coming from the chest-height windows. There is nothing but some sputtering orange light, perhaps emergency lighting. Wynn is confused why no one else is there and sees a door on the other side of a room that they think is the bathroom. The rest of the room was trashed, and a big armchair was knocked over with one of the legs broken off. Another hospital bed is on the side by the double doors, and someone is lying on the floor between the bed and doors. Wynn can see an arm draped over the bed. Wynn describes this person as a white guy who collapsed by the doors. There is a chair leg threaded through the door handles to keep the outside from opening, perhaps. There is blood soaking the man's shirt. Upon closer inspection, the man is dead, having been dead for hours. The man has white hair, white eyebrows, and Wynn remembers that this man operated on them as Wynn could see his eyes above his mask. Upon looking for an ID, he wears a badge on a lanyard that is currently turned over his bloody shirt. Wynn climbs over the bed and, while they are still in pain, Wynn sees the person's name being Erwin Stockle. Wynn takes the body's shoes and pants, and despite being too big for them, they need to do this to survive. While trying to go to the bathroom, perhaps for water, Wynn sees something outside the doors and can't see anything but its shadow. The thing outside seems hunched over, upright on two legs. Something seems wrong with its head. Wynn spontaneously dropped to the floor and is on all fours. Wynn crawls under the window for protection, although the location is a little closer to those doors. Wynn crawls to the bathroom and puts a second door between the creature and themself. Wynn says that the door is closed, but it feels like a sink and toilet and the edge of a shower with a faucet despite the pitch-black room. Wynn is rehydrated and says that what they did may not have been smart, but smart is what their sister would do. Wynn speculates more and questions the player. Wynn, trying to get some rest, passes out from being so tired. Wynn's Q-Comm device awaits transmission and says that the host neural status is unconscious, that the host bio status is stable, and that the inhibitor is active. The Q-Comm is still awaiting transmission.

Wynn wakes up after falling asleep and says that their drugs are wearing off and feels a little less foggy. Wynn gives some more details about their sister, Delilah. She texted Wynn a few days ago, the first contact between them in weeks. Before then, the last time they'd talked was from Mexico, somewhere between the US border. That was six weeks ago, and she said she was looking to start a new job. Wynn describes Delilah as an adventurer, a do-gooder. One time, Delilah disappeared to Tunisia to work for an NGO for a water purification project. Only once did she contact Wynn during that time. She also backpacked for weeks without any phone and would fly off to Haiti to treat kids with whipworm. Wynn describes themself as not impulsive or brave but is instead the careful and cautious one. Recently, Delilah said she had signed a nondisclosure agreement and was excited to join the Permanent Working Group or PWG. Wynn says all they know of that corporation is from looking it up online, saying that they assume they are some Big Pharma research group. However, Delilah broke protocols and wanted to talk to Wynn, and she sent a GPS location and a time to meet. Nothing else. Apparently, it is about 30 miles South of La Rumorosa (within Baja California, Mexico), near some mountains. While Wynn waited, they then heard the ape, and now they're in this facility. Wynn still has no idea why Delilah reached out. They have some conjecture but refuses to explain it to the player.

Wynn decides to leave their room to venture to help their sister. To get to the double door, which itself was threaded together with a chair leg through now-diseased Erwin Stockle, they had to move Stockle from the door, and upon doing so, they accidentally tore the already damaged shirt to see that there was a large clawed mark that tore him open. Wynn also moves the chair leg away and leaves. Wynn says that nothing can be heard in the hallway. However, the doors can't open all the way due to the doors jamming them together. Wynn says that the place is wrecked, and the floor is littered with broken glass upon seeing the hallway. To Wynn's right, some emergency lights are smashed. However, there are doors to other rooms. Also, Wynn now hears a beeping sound from somewhere ahead, a high counter and desk. Wynn recognizes it as a nurse's station. Wynn also sees a thick smear of blood dragged to the hallway to the nurse's station or possibly away from it. Upon figuring it out, Wynn concludes that the thicker blood comes from the nurse's station, and then it appears dragged down the hallway. Wynn then goes to the safer area, the nurse's station, and finds already opened file cabinets. The station, which is horseshoe-shaped, is tall and has a curving counter desk below. Wynn is at the counter and sees that the beeping sound in the nursing station is a pager, slowly blinking away. Wynn also sees another room that is where the blood originates from. Upon thinking that's where the blood originates, Wynn also sees a phone and tries to use it. However, all of the phones are dead. The phones are digital and need power, and they can't be used. Wynn looks through the cabinets at the station but can't find any. Wynn goes to the room that might store medicine, and although it has blood, Wynn goes in any way searching for the medicine to reduce their effects from being drugged during the operation. Wynn gets immediately sick and says that they saw one of the nurse's legs without the torso or rest of the body being there. The legs had blue scrubs, white tennis shoes, or shoes that were white. There was no back, shoulders, or head, and while Wynn initially thought the person was bent over, kneeling in the dark, the person was actually torn in half, with the top half of her missing. Upon seeing this, Wynn worries if this has already happened to Delilah and shrugs it off, hoping that it hasn’t. The legs seemed beefy, and Delilah was a scrawny runner. The torso of the diseased person with blood was dragged away, and the thing that took it is some monster. Wynn tries processing other things in that room and says there were more file cabinets and a tall glass door. Wynn then realizes that that glass door is a glass cabinet with the meds. To get the painkillers, Wynn goes back and almost slips. Wynn doesn't look down, The door needs a key, and Wynn realizes that the diseased person probably has a key in the body's pocket. Upon doing so, Wynn finds a ring of keys soaked in blood. Wynn gets some air and finally selects the right key to open the glass cabinet. Upon opening it, there are large amounts of OxyContin and morphine. Knowing too much might knock Wynn out, they choose two codeine tablets. A dry swallow, one Wynn says they haven't done since college. After doing so, Wynn chooses to look for Delilah.

From there, Wynn says to their right are stronger emergency lights. More bulbs there seem to be working. However, there's also a zoo smell, some animal funk. But from where Wynn is, it's impossible to ignore, and it is coming from down the hallway. There is a stretch of linoleum, with doors along to their left. Wynn thinks that the end of that hallway is lit with orange lights with some open space corridor intersecting the one they are currently at. Wynn suspects that the smell originates there. Wynn checks out some nearby doors, and the door they want to explore is now only a dozen feet away. The smell gets stronger, and as a sign to the entrance of that room says CR Med. Upon looking inside, a red light on the wall may have some smoke detectors or a couple of lights. Now Wynn enters the darkroom and sees a big table entering the room. Wynn thinks that this is a conference room, as the sign said CR (as in conference room) Med. On the other side of the table is a glass or metal against the wall with a faintly reflecting red light. Wynn finds a battery-powered cup warmer. It is followed by a sink and coffee maker in the corner. On the shelves next to the sink are also PowerBars. Upon inhaling one, Wynn saves the rest for later.

Wynn goes back to the hallway to smell that same zoo smell of primates. Wynn now also suspects the smell may include something in addition to primates. Wynn finds a door with a sign saying Dr. Stockle. The same person that barricaded Wynn in their room, evidently. It is locked, but the player reminds Wynn of Wynn's keys from the diseased nurse. Wynn says it's dark with a faint glow from a digital clock on his desk. Wynn looks around and sees a bunch of file cabinets. Wynn searches for it and finds their personal file. Wynn says that the doctor operated on them. Delilah is also mentioned on the first page. Some medical stats are mentioned, and Wynn starts getting overwhelmed. Wynn decides not to tell the player yet what the operation was based on a lack of trust. Wynn appreciates the player acknowledging to agree to postpone what happened. Wynn goes further down and smells that distinct smell and finally hears something like they heard the animal from earlier. Wynn ducks into a door to their right and sees that in this room are sinks, a shower, lockers, and fills out the description of a typical bathroom, perhaps where doctors and nurses scrub up. There is also a set of double doors to Wynn's right, and Wynn recognizes that as the location they had their operation. Lights are on the ceiling, and Wynn remembers many people in masks during that operation from that memory. Upon leaving that room, Wynn also goes into another door labeled Radiology to separate themself from the ape. No windows are there, and nothing can be heard in there. Some light is there from backup power, and an MRI and unfamiliar equipment are there. Wynn decides to rest protected in the MRI. Upon doing so, there is another message again saying awaiting transmission, with the host neural status being unconscious, host bio status being suboptimal, and inhibitor being active, and continues awaiting suboptimal.

Wynn wakes up and says they slept well and was thankfully too exhausted to dream. Wynn feels guilty for waiting longer for not looking for Delilah, but the player reassures them that sleep is necessary. Wynn still feels weak but gets back into the hallway. Wynn says that they wish that they had taken the battery-powered clock from Dr. Stockle's office and says that they will tell the player about what was in the file later. Wynn asks the player about the player's personality, and Wynn tries giving a joke to which they cannot remember the punchline to due to the headache and situation they are in. Wynn also remarks how they don't know if the player is male, female, or gender fluid, and the player says the same thing about Wynn. Wynn approaches a T intersection that gets closer to the animal smell. The T intersection is now fifty feet ahead or so, and the lighting is better from the orange light in the corners. However, the animal funk is still agonizing, and now Wynn hears a sound that appears to be growing stronger, sort of like a faint, high wine. Wynn approaches the intersection and says that the sound is awful. At the intersection, to the left is the nurse's station and halfway down is the corridor Wynn didn't want to look in before, where the smell is the strongest. Wynn goes right and says it's more promising. In the short corridor, it ends at a metal fire door. The door is open ajar, and a hand-drawn sign is on it in black marker. Wynn squints to read it because the noise is doing something to their vision. The sign says, "Here there be geeks." Wynn opens that room and says that that noise is now shrieking and gets more painful with every new step. The noise, according to Wynn, is coming from their head, not from the outside itself, and feels like a silver spike. Wynn decides to leave and check out the smell, which seems less painful. However, the pain is severe, but they finally reaches the opening. Wynn only hears the high wine from the hall they just came from. Upon taking a look beyond, there seems to be a chimp slumped to the corner, sleeping with its head bowed. A metal device is poking up through the fur on its skull. Tendrils are spilling from the back of its neck. The tendrils are green and falling over its shoulders like dreadlocks. They are thick and apparently moving. The chimp is asleep, but the tendrils seem to have a mind of their own. The floor is also smeared with blood and gore. Wynn concludes that the animal killed something and ate it. By the chimp's feet is a rag or possibly a shirt. A door is there, and a sign by the door says, "Must be in clean suit to enter bio wing." Wynn remarks that they do not have a clean suit.

Wynn can't sneak by the chimp, and upon not going to the bio wing, Wynn goes back to the shrieking room. Wynn enters at a full pace and says that the shriek is hitting hard. Wynn took a few breaths after almost tripping over the steel pipes. Over there is an exit with a cubicle wall just behind it. There is also a dog standing on some platform that blocks the door. The dog sees the person and Wynn says it has intent on killing them. The dog is snarling, but the shrieking noise is much louder. The dog is a German shepherd but is chained to the platform. Upon looking more closely, it is actually wired to it with some steel framework holding it up, attached to the skull, including a platform by tubes and cables that run under the dog's fur. The dog tries lunging at Wynn, but the cables hold it onto the platform. Power seems to run through the wires from the base to the dog. All lit up by rows of blinking LEDs. The shriek is louder than the dog's barks, and the pain appears to be literally blinding and blurring Wynn's vision. Upon shoving the platform, the dog nearly bit Wynn and decided that the platform is too heavy to be budged. The player is given an option to use a steel tube and give advice about yanking out the wires. Because the wires are attached deep into the animal's head, pulling them out may kill the dog. The player gives more advice, like cutting out the power emanating from the LEDs. They are six in total that are still green. Wynn tries to smash the batteries and manages to get one out, but the process is too slow. Doing it by hand is faster, and the shrieking is not so painful. Upon doing so, once all batteries were out, the shrieking stopped, and the dog collapsed on the platform immediately after. The dog is panting, and aggression is gone. The dog seems exhausted, like Wynn, and they are glad that no one died in that process of removing the LEDs. Wynn speculates as to why but postpones why. The room beyond the dog is a cubicle with Rick & Morty plush toys on the desk, a coffee mug with the Eiffel tower, a plastic fern. Wynn realizes that this cubicle is where Delilah worked. Wynn sleeps once more.

Wynn says they slept like a baby in the server closet but wants to leave as their headache is back and they are thirsty. Wynn wants a Sloe-Mo, a gin mixed with crushed Motrin, and is related to Mai-Tylenol. Wynn says that they and the player should meet up after this is over, with the player bringing the liquor and Wynn bringing the pharmaceuticals. But Wynn is still searching for their sister, and they are now in the room with the dog. The dog is looking at Wynn and is still attached to the platform. Wynn says there is no way to free the dog from the wires and cables the dog is connected to through the platform. The player says to give the dog a PowerBar, and the dog gobbles it down. The dog was starving after all the workers abandoned the dog like a clockwork guard dog. Wynn says that they would like to get the dog out of there after the whole incident is over. The player says definitely. Wynn says that the whole situation is not at all realistic and thanks to the player for giving some humanity in what seems to be a nightmare. Wynn finally approaches the hallway, with a big, heavy fire door with a sign next to it saying, "Don't trust the suits." Wynn doesn't understand and goes to the hallway. Wynn compares the setup to a space station with multiple nodes connected by tubes at one corridor. Wynn passes another big metal door and keeps going. Finally, Wynn finds a room with carpet, wood trim, and artwork. The area is some kitchen or lounge. Emergency lights are on, and there are couches, a pool table, printers, photocopiers, a sink, and an espresso maker. Beyond this room are three hallways. Wynn listens for a sound and hears a human-sounding moan. The area here seems like a bomb went off, and the air burns Wynn's throat in what seemed to have been an office. Dark shapes seem to approach the carpet, and Wynn tries listening again for the moan. Wynn finds an elevator, but it is full of bodies. There are five to six people there on their backs. They are lined up as if waiting for the coroner or butcher. Some are ripped into. Wynn hears the voice again, but it's coming elsewhere, near where perhaps the explosion originated. All emergency lights are out. Wynn looks for someone in what seems like total darkness. Wynn hears the soft moan some more but finds debris. Upon trying to crawl over, Wynn scraped their ribs on something metal-like. Suddenly, Wynn is grabbed by someone, and Wynn hears the person ask for water. Wynn describes the person as a man who is lying his back against some rubble. The man is unconscious, and Wynn says that there is some water to fetch to the man in perhaps one of the restrooms. Wynn goes slow and steady through the dark and then finds a bathroom with running water. Wynn uses the plastic garbage can and fills sink water with it to supply a quart of water. Wynn finally approaches the man past the elevator lobby by crawling to him after initially some difficulty. Wynn gets a better appearance of the man, and he's in his early twenties, has a white T-shirt pulled up that is so bloody it is black. The man is bleeding badly and indicates he sees the water and wants to drink.

After he drinks some, he replies with one word: thanks. The man asks if the implant is working, and Wynn responds yes. The man seems relieved, and upon asking what the implant does, he says it contains the infection. The man's team built hardware to enable that. He himself says that there are still some not yet understood aspects of its capability. The man says that he is Floyd, but when Wynn tells him who they are, the man says he already knows who Wynn is. Unfortunately, the man seems to be dying, and the man cannot answer too many questions that Wynn wants to know about. Wynn cannot understand everything he is saying, but Wynn says that there is some tech in their head, and they got it from somewhere else, a place he doesn't know. He described it as so advanced that no one truly knows how it works. All they know is how to copy it, and that's what the testing of all these other lab animals was being undergone for. Floyd says that "it got out" as in one of the animals, presumably, as indicated by Wynn. However, Flynn says Wynn is mistaken and says he's talking about the infection. Floyd says that they call it "the Green." It is not a virus or bacteria, but it does invade the body. The implant, however, stops it from taking over, but not with every animal, so that is where things got wrong. Wynn says Floyd probably attacked him once they escaped their cages. Floyd says, "it started with Samson." Wynn understands most of this and says that Samson was one of the infected chimps. Delilah's personal favorite. It was the biggest and smartest. Samson got free first but then managed to set the other animals loose. Chimps, mice, and dogs were all set free by Samson. Apparently, only the big animals got the implants because the equipment is too big. One of the chimps, other than Samson, a beta male, got to the surface. Floyd doesn't know how this happened, but the chimp made it out of the bio lab and up the stairs despite all security checkpoints. Animals shouldn't be able to do that, according to Floyd. One of the guards "topside" or managed to shoot and wound the chimp and finally tracked him in the desert. As for Wynn, once infected by the chimp, they were found unconscious and infected. Emergency surgery was performed, and the implant was placed immediately. Delilah ordered this. Upon being asked by Wynn where Delilah is, Floyd failed to answer with his eyes closed and breathing being ragged. Wynn asks a second time where Delilah is, and Floyd says that she saved them, took them from the bio lab into some containment room below. Floyd says the word "below" repeatedly. Floyd then stopped talking. Wynn asks Floyd what he meant but is not answering, and Wynn thinks he's not coming back from this and that there is nothing they can do. Wynn stays with Floyd for a while and finally tells the player when he's finally gone. Wynn says that was tough, especially since Floyd seemed like a good guy. Wynn takes his phone, especially since Floyd wouldn't mind. However, the battery is only at ten percent. Wynn turns the screen off to save power.

Wynn then goes to the elevator. Wynn says that there are still those dead, stacked bodies in the elevator. Wynn sees that there needs to be a password to use the elevator. Wynn tries a random number and then asks the player for a number. The number is 6334, as seen on one of the nurse's notes. Wynn can use a fingerprint from one of the dead people in the elevator, but it requires the flashlight power from Floyd's battery. However, revealing this to Wynn has them transport the elevator to a location that leads to Wynn's demise, like what happened to the stacked people on that elevator. Instead, Wynn chooses to go to the other side of the bio lab, which has desks and chairs blocking the door to the bio wing in search of Delilah. It may take hours, and the player says to work fast and loud to minimize time exposed in the hallway. Wynn says after several minutes that they need a break and takes one for five minutes, saying that Wynn is also thirsty. Wynn has some doubt but says that three apes just came to the room. Wynn's pulse can be seen as over 200 beats per minute. The player says to find a weapon, but before Wynn can do anything, the apes charge and says, "Oh God. Their mouths--" and then the screen says Q-Comm disabled and Warning: inhibitor failure. A skull, Wynn's, appears coming in and out with white coloration. The player presses display status. The Q-Comm says Host neural status: unconscious. Host bio status: failing, and inhibitor: inactive. The player says start inhibitor override. The Inhibitor has a countdown of 3, 2, 1, 0, but says warning: inhibitor override failed. It asks the player to try again, to which the player agrees. Another countdown of 3, 2, 1, 0 occurs. Then it says warning: inhibitor override failed—host failing. Please alert veterinary staff. Automatic retry in 30 minutes. Awaiting transmission...

The Q-Comm then says inhibitor: reactivated, host neural status: suboptimal, and host bio status: suboptimal. The player says Start Q-Comm. A countdown occurs, and Wynn is asking for the player in their head, pleading. The player responds and Wynn says thanks to God for being there. Responding to the player saying to calm down and take thier time to say the location of where Wynn is now, Wynn responds by saying that the place is dark and wet. Wynn's whole body aches, and they are in some cage. Wynn says that they thought they would die but can't figure out why they're still alive. The apes ran towards them with mouths open, The green spilling out. The first chimp knocked Wynn back into the barricade. The second one grabbed Wynn by the leg and yanked them, playing with them. The third one was finally going to bite Wynn. Wynn saw its teeth on their face. Then, Wynn's memory goes blank. Wynn says that they are hurt but doesn't know how badly and they are afraid to see, and everything for Wynn seems to ache. Wynn can't see very well where they are and is afraid the apes ripped into them. Lights are barely there. Some emergency light is somewhere in the distance, although blocked by something. Light reflects off metal in the room, and a faint, sickly red is visible beyond the cage Wynn is in. Wynn says the cage is made of wire surrounding them, something that would ordinarily fit a large dog. Basically, it's a dog crate. Wynn also hears water running, and the air is steaming with a scent like warm blood. It is thick with animal odor. Wynn looks like they are in a den where the carnivores guard their kill. Some animals are still with Wynn, and beyond the sound of mechanical fans and running water, there are noises, panting, claws clicking on the concrete, random screeches. Wynn says they felt something move close to Wynn's cage, some vague shape that somehow smelled sick. Wynn doesn't know what it is because Wynn is too afraid to see it. Wynn says they woke up about 15 minutes ago there and is afraid to say anything aloud. Wynn says they are in a worse position and is more scared than when they were strapped in the bed in the hospital room. Wynn is too freaked out to leave the cage, although they want to leave. Wynn is afraid, however, of what the animals will do to their body. Wynn's chest and arms are wet, and Wynn thinks they are bleeding. It is also too dark to see Wynn's own hand. Wynn says that while their hand can move, it feels hurt badly because it is cut up. However, there is still a phone in Wynn's pocket from Floyd. Wynn chooses not to use it because it's safer but chooses to feel how much pain they are in because they need to know the condition they are in and compares their own personality acting like Delilah to be brave, a better person than Wynn. Wynn screamed a little bit unconsciously after feeling a deep gash in Wynn's forearm. As that happened, Wynn says that someone just spoke to them, a woman's voice.

The woman asks, "are you going to live?" Wynn responds. Wynn says they think so, and the woman made a sound like a cough or a laugh. She responded with "too bad." Wynn asks who the woman is, and she says she is Abela. She also knows who Wynn is. Abela is Delilah's boss within the bio lab. Abela apologizes for the mess, "though the dead ape is your fault." Wynn asks what happened to kill the ape, and Abela responds. Abela says that there is a dead chimp on the floor of the lab. Abela saw the others drag it in the lab while putting Wynn into the cage. The chimp's throat was torn out. Abela also says that the animals turned in on the facility, implying the lab animals like the chimps, mice, and dogs. Only the big animals got implants and described how Samson was the first animal to escape and later got all the other chimps and lab animals free. Wynn asks about the ape on the floor, and Abela says that that was due to Wynn, although conjecture since the chimps was agitated. Abela described the chimp on the floor as a sweet thing before it became infected and still was when the implant was working. However, when the implant was turned off, the chimp became a killer. Somehow, this female chimp was killed by Wynn. Abela says, "no wonder they want to experiment on you." Wynn asks for more, and Abela says that they will probably also drill into her to implant into her head and infect her. They say Abela has been well along that road. Wynn is the first human to get an implant. However, with the dead ape, it is not working. Abela says that nobody normally could have done that. Abela says that the inhibitor went down, but instead of getting taken over, Wynn's parasite fought them. That hasn't happened before. The infected don't fight each other. The Green cooperate, work together like ants. Somehow, that's not the case. Abela says, "You're... other." Wynn asks the player what is going on but postpones it. Abela says that Wynn and the player are "below" that Floyd told Wynn about. Abela says that she is downstairs in the level four containment room. It is the only safe place because after the infection spread to the animals, PWG, its bosses, would seal them off from the surface. Delilah got the survivors into the safe room. Abela stayed behind to try to tranquilize the chimps. Abela starts laughing again and coughing. Wynn says Abela is a little hurt and crazy. Wynn asks Abela about the apes and says that the apes are hunting down survivors. The apes that delivered Wynn where Wynn is now left to continue that process. Wynn asks for the basement to get to Delilah, laughs, and says, "Just walk across the room to those stairs." Wynn asks if the apes are coming back, but she doesn't answer. Wynn tries to wake her up, but Abela is still not answering. Wynn suggests Abela is dying. Wynn asks the player about the device, describing what happened when the inhibitor failed on the Q-Comm, as shown on the player's phone device. Wynn also asks if there is anything else, and the player mentions that the heart pulse is shown, where when the heart rate spikes, then Wynn blacks out. Wynn figures out that when the inhibitor is turned off from extreme panicking, as shown in the heart rate, the Green is running Wynn's body. However, it saved them from those apes. Wynn proposes that maybe their parasite is trying to save itself, like a parasite protecting its host. However, if the Green takes control, Wynn cannot explain why to give it back. Why the parasite would protect Wynn from its own kind is still not understood. Upon wondering, a thing threw itself at the cage and vanished.

Wynn said the thing that hit the cage was as big as a small dog, but the shape was all wrong. Upon inspection, the creature had too many heads, and its body was like a bunch of small animals roped together or more entangled. It contained rats, cats, and others not being able to be made out. Wynn proposes that this creature is a rat king, and Wynn says that they were made aware of this by Delilah. Wynn says that rats get their tails entangled, glued together by feces, garbage, or just knotted together. The rats keep growing together. Keep moving. Delilah said this was folklore, but he is like the king of all lab animals. The creature seems to be in the room with Wynn. Abela is now coughing after Wynn's spontaneous scream responding to the creature hitting Wynn's cage. Abela is laughing, not coughing. Wynn says that they need to get out of there. Abela responds, "better hurry." And when Wynn asks why Abela says, "because we're all about to die. You, me, every living thing in this place." Wynn asks why, and Abela says that PWG or Permanent Working Group has been working on the infection for centuries. Abela says that one town in the Pacific Northwest was completely overrun but that only a freak fire stopped it. PWG was not going to let that event happen again. The player says that that was New Tenacity, and Wynn says that they remembered that on the news. Wynn thought it was just a forest fire. Wynn asks Abela what PWG will do and she replies that it will continue with protocols to flood the place with poison and send a team to come in and burn everyone. Every single person, every single animal, those infected or not. Even the houseplants will be burned. Wynn asks how Abela knows, and Abela says it's because she helped write the protocols. Abela declared to make this protocol hours ago, and they will arrive soon. They will have to put the burn team in the air, assembling topside probably about now.

The player warns Wynn that they are in deep trouble. Wynn agrees, and the player says Wynn's in big trouble and is also bleeding. Wynn says to stop being mean. The player says that Wynn could die there. Wynn responds by saying damn it and tells the player to get out of their head with emphasis. The player responds: Fine. Die alone. Suddenly, the Q-Comm is disabled. Wynn's skull is showing white coloration. The player can infer that Wynn is panicking thanks to the player and can permit the Green to access Wynn during this crisis. An inhibitor override counts down from 3, 2, 1, and 0, but the inhibitor unit fails. The Q-Comm is awaiting transmission but is reactivated after a few minutes. It asks to display status. The host neural status is unconscious, the host bio status is suboptimal, and the inhibitor is active. The player chooses to start Q-Comm, and the Comm is initiated. It receives a countdown from 3 to 0 again. Finally, Wynn asks the player if the player is still there. The player responds to ask what happened. Wynn says that they blacked out again but is now in a staircase outside the lab. Wynn is sitting on the floor with their back against the lab door. There is rebar jammed through the handle, holding it closed, so Wynn is safe for now. Wynn can't see much, but there is an emergency light overhead with a little light coming through the window in the door. The stairs lead down there, but Wynn says that they can't see what is down there. The angle also seems wrong. Wynn is hurting but is possibly able to stand. Wynn asks how long they were out, and the player says about 5 minutes. Wynn thinks they killed something, perhaps the rat king or the ape. Wynn hopes Abela wasn't killed. Wynn realizes that the player got them angry, ramped up, and let the "thing" take over the Green. Wynn lost control, and the inhibitor shut down, giving the Green access to run the body. The Green used Wynn's muscles in a way Wynn can't use themself. Pain in Wynn's toes occurs because they're broken, probably from kicking open the cage. Wynn's left arm is still bleeding from before. Wynn's right arm is now wounded as well, with bite marks along their forearm. Some of Wynn's fingernails are gone as well. Wynn looks through the door window to see that, being able to stand despite the condition of thier feet. Wynn can't see much but thinks that the multi-headed creature, the rat king, is not moving. Wynn can't see Abela, but they can see apes from the other hallway, the barricade, near Abela, but the player reassures Wynn that Abela is safe in the cage. However, Wynn seems to have lost the phone in the lab when the Green took control. Wynn is now heading down into the dark, albeit slowly due to their condition.

Wynn finally reaches the bottom of the stairs. There is a big metal fire door and goes through it. However, Wynn says that Delilah actually called them in their memory in the desert because she was afraid of what they were doing in that lab. Wynn was going to give data about the lab to Wynn. Wynn was supposed to hand the data to Delilah if she died. However, Wynn never got that far, and the ape with the Green found Wynn. Wynn never learned who to contact once given the data. If Wynn dies, they say, they ask the player to tell someone, anyone, please, about this. The player agrees and Wynn opens the door. The hallway is long and says a few emergency lights with a body in a pool of blood. The man is wearing a hazmat suit. There isn't any facemask, and he's lying on his side with his arm at a weird angle. Wynn finds out why the weird angle because the man's arm was pulled clean off. That means that the apes have been there. Wynn notices the machinery up ahead. Wynn can feel the rumble of generators and the hiss of vents. The air smells of diesel, and it seems like there is something organic. A bright pool of light is about five or so minutes away and fifty yards away. Wynn is still in plenty of pain. Wynn finally finds the reinforced steel, the big rivets, and a wheel lock in a submarine hatch. There is no window, just a small intercom with a call button. It is in level 4 containment, as said on the door in huge letters. It is above a bunch of warning signs and scary symbols. There are also lockers beside the door, three in total. Wynn checks the lockers, and they don't have padlocks, so Wynn opens them. The first one is empty except for some harness with many straps. Along it is an oxygen tank. A yellow hazmat suit is hanging there with gloves, booties, and a hood thing as well. There is a separate facemask in the third with another yellow suit but with no helmet, only a big spool of silver duct tape. The player tells Wynn to put on a suit because of the gas, as said from Abela that PWG would gas everything first. Wynn, with a suit, says that they got the oxygen tank working, and the mask makes it hard to see. It is also wicked hot, and they decide to carry the mask and the hood at that point, only to put it on. Wynn tries the intercom and tries to connect with a couple of hellos. Wynn is heard from the intercom through blasted speakers to GET AWAY FROM THE DOOR and that WE HAVE WEAPONS. Wynn says who they are and says that Delilah is their sister. Wynn asks where Delilah is, and the speakers answer that Delilah is not there. The people in that vault will not open the door even if they are telling the truth. The person says that Wynn is already dead. The person gets more specific as they say that the Green took everything and that everything will be infected soon. No one can stop the animals or Samson. Wynn asks if Delilah was infected, and the people say that Delilah was by now, no doubt. Delilah got the people in that vent but went to find Wynn hours ago. Delilah went at their expense but did so because she thought she could outsmart Samson. They said, however, that if anyone could outsmart Samson, it would be Delilah. Wynn asks where Samson is now, and they respond he was there at one point and is probably listening right now. The people say that if Wynn is not really infected, they better start running. Wynn talks to them about the poisoning protocol but they choose not to listen to Wynn.

Wynn suddenly hears a growl, something almost sounding subatomic. Wynn can barely walk, and there are only two options. One to the stairwell and the other toward the sound into the dark and machines. The player advises to go into the dark and says that there is a lot of machinery, chugging and clanking ahead. Wynn can't see very far and can't go very fast. The player advises to go to the dark but Wynn trips over one person in a hazmat suit. Wynn can see a face. The person says, "Wynn! It's me. Be Quiet!" It is Delilah, and her voice is muffled. Wynn can barely see Delilah's face through the dark. Delilah presses a gloved hand to Wynn's lips. Wynn asks where Samson is, and Delilah responds, "Somewhere down here... hunting." Delilah helps Wynn to their feet, and she wants Wynn to follow her. The sound of rumble moving sounds like a real beast. Delilah and Wynn hide in an electrical closet, but there is barely room because of the gear. Delilah took off her mask but Wynn can still hardly see her. Only LED lights are illuminating her. Delilah's hand on Wynn's arm is warm, and Wynn says how relieved they are as if to collapse into her because Wynn is so weak. Delilah and Wynn talk personally for four to five minutes, and Wynn learns about Delilah also having a nightmare-like state, although the emotion is drained from her voice from shock, as both she and Wynn are. Wynn says that the Green spread to the animals and started to attack. Delilah got a handful of people into the containment room. Samson came after her, including the apes and all the other animals. Delilah says it is like they have some intelligence, arriving from some hive mind. Delilah hid back where she was along with the machinery and tried going back up through the lab. However, Samson came down the stairs hunting for her. Samson, according to Delilah, is still there like the people in containment said. Delilah said that there is a nest by the west wall. The victims, the infected, gathered there. Also, all phones are dead, and that radio doesn't work where they are. She asks about the implant and asked how the inhibitor was working. Wynn says it worked, and they thank Delilah for the decision. Delilah said, "What else could I do?" and asks for side effects. Wynn learns about the weird aspect of the Green and the inhibitor, and it surprises her. That is not part of the hive mind, and the Green seems to be independent and doesn't cooperate with others, and in fact, fights them for Wynn specifically. Delilah says that it must be the comm. "PWG's never tested it on a human before. Somehow, it's bonded to you. Specifically," according to Delilah. The player says that it is fortunate, but Delilah didn't laugh and is instead quiet, thinking. Wynn also tells Delilah about the burn team, and Delilah seems silent and in shock. Delilah's hand tightened in Wynn's. Something that hasn't happened since they were kids, telling ghost stories in the dark in the pillow fort. Wynn says that Delilah was always braver than they were. Delilah asks more about the specifics, such as which is first, which the gas is first. Delilah says that "I'm glad you have the suit." Wynn says a joke that they'll both die fashionably. Delilah laughs with a sound dry as kindling. Perhaps because they're so close to death. Wynn says that it is crazy for PWG to do such a thing. Delilah says that "They're at war, they know the stakes." Wynn asks who Delilah would plan to give the data to earlier and says that she wanted to contact the Pearson Corporation. She tried to warn them about the dangerous stuff. Delilah gives Wynn a plan, and that plan is to tell the player to inform the Pearson Corporation about PWG and how they found the future tech PWG recovered. This tech is not just future technology as in being futuristic but as being from the actual future. PWG is not fully capable of understanding it. It is some quantum communicator that sends messages through entangled atoms. Because Delilah's a biologist, she's not fully aware of it. The Green must also use similar methods to communicate to keep the hive intact. However, they can be blocked by distance or by electrical fields. But from what Delilah says, it's basically magical properties. Delilah asks Wynn to ask the player to contact Pearson at the website (this website has since been deleted, but it would have been redirected here). The player should ask for customer support. Then the player should message them the name of "Regina Virdi." If the message gets through, however, a four-digit response code should respond from them, and the player will type in that number to Delilah to inform her that Regina recognized it." The player can or can choose not to do this, but if choosing to do so, the password is 1701. Delilah says that password is a geek reference, as in the NCC-1701 Enterprise from the original Star Trek show.

A few minutes pass, and Delilah tells Wynn to put on the oxygen tank and mask. Delilah leaves, and Wynn puts on their mask entirely once an explosion is heard. Soon after, gunfire is heard from a loud automatic rifle. Flashes of light are around the frame of the door. Wynn tries to escape but hits their head on a pipe. It's dark, and the mask cuts the light even more. There is more gunfire and flares, and the area can be lit up with red and orange. There is also a roar. Wynn chooses to leave the closet and starts to see some ape; a gorilla webbed together with people. It has too many legs, arms, mouths, and is in rage. Men are firing at it. Three men in black helmets with rifles and flashlights like bayonets cut through the smoke. It is not Pearson Corporation but is PWG. The creature, Samson, just ripped one of the men in half. The other two men are firing into Samson's chest, and blood and something else is spraying everywhere from his chest. Samson was roaring and knocked one of the men away, batted him away as if nothing happened. Samson seems to be in trouble as it dropped to the ground and its limbs being thrashed. The Green is spilling from its mouth like wet tendrils. It is likely the result of the smoke, which is poison. One of the men aims for Samson's head. Delilah then leaped out of the dark and put her arms around the last gunman's neck. She yanked him backward, and shots sprayed instead toward the ceiling. Wynn says that it is definitely Delilah in that hazmat suit, but the yellow hood is off with the oxygen mask in place. Delilah's hair is spilling from it. Wynn is still on the ground and Delilah knocks the rifle out of his hand. It is spinning the concrete toward Wynn. Delilah is helping Samson. The player tells Wynn to pick up the rifle thrown toward Wynn. Even though Wynn is no good with guns, they pick it up with its barrel still hot through the hazmat gloves. By this time, Delilah's arms are covered with the blood of the man she is standing over. Delilah is looking down at Samson, and the creature is still trembling to fight the poison. She then looks at Wynn. Delilah asks what Wynn is doing with that gun, and her voice is muffled but still understandable for her. Wynn asks why she is helping Samson, and Delilah says that what she did was self-defense, and when Wynn asks more, Delilah says to figure it out. The Green infected Delilah. Wynn warns Delilah to stop helping Samson or they will shoot, but Delilah responds to Wynn, saying that they shouldn't shoot her because Wynn's sister is alive in there. If Wynn kills Delilah's body, they kill her for good. Delilah still isn't stopping. The player says that Delilah is lying and to shoot now-infected Delilah. Wynn then shoots it by pulling the trigger, and the gun jerks Wynn's hands. Delilah is down, wreathed in smoke, but Samson is now only a few feet away, twitching. Wynn then runs and hears a shriek. Wynn hears, "They're going to burn you, Wynn! You and that mutant inside you. You're not one of us!" The player advises Wynn to ignore it but Wynn asks the player if they are a monster. The player tells Wynn that they are not and appreciates it, even though Wynn knows the player is lying. Wynn tries to hide, but a voice says, "Freeze! Drop the Gun!" Two more gunmen appear through the smoke. The flares are mirrored in their faceplates like they're demons. One of them fires into Delilah, and her body tears apart. Wynn says that there is more of it than humans. Wynn follows their order, and they puts their gun down and starts to raise their hands. The man nods toward the body of Delilah, saying she killed Marcus. The other one has a rifle aimed at Samson, who is twitching on the ground. The gunman says that Wynn shot her and nods upon knowing that Delilah was infected. The person aims the rifle at Wynn's chest, and before the person fires the gun at them, Wynn says that they got the implant and that it worked. Wynn says that if they are killed, PWG loses a valuable research subject. The riflemen contact their boss, and that works, with them lowering their guns at Wynn. Wynn is told to get on their knees, to which they comply. Samson is shot again, and green gore is everywhere. The whole thing is over. The people ask if there is anyone else down there, human or animal. Wynn can choose to or not choose to tell the gunmen at the containment cell. One of the gunmen tells the other guard, "Tommy," that the bosses of PWG want Wynn alive. While Wynn's gender has not been specified up until this point, the guards explicitly ask to take her the copter, strongly implying that Wynn is a woman. Right after Wynn is told to go to the copter, the guard named Tommy looks at Wynn and says that this is her lucky day. The man holds a pistol from his thigh holster. He says hold still. Since Delilah told Wynn to contact Pearson Corp., Wynn asks the player to inform PWG about Pearson Corp. Wynn can choose to inform the PWG men about Pearson Corp. Wynn says that Pearson was informed about the Q-Comm, which permits the player to contact Wynn. Wynn is told that she has to be tranquilized and that it will hurt. However, it's only a tranquilizer, and Wynn is shot.

The Q-Comm says that Wynn's host neural status is unconscious, the host bio status is suboptimal, and the containment is active. It is awaiting transmission. Later, the player can ask to display status, and it says that the host neural status is unconscious, that the host bio status is good, and that the inhibitor is active. The player starts the Q-Comm, and the comm is initiated in a countdown of 3, 2, 1, and 0. There are two options before this ending. If Pearson takes control of Wynn by them not informing PWG about Pearson earlier, Wynn wakes up to find that Pearson took over the helicopter via a Pearson renegade carrying Wynn. Wynn wakes up in the dark to hear a female voice saying to Wynn to "Please. Don't struggle." Wynn says that the woman's voice is Regina Virdi. Virdi turns on the light to see that Virdi's cheek is inches from Wynn's, and her face has white skin, smooth and flawless as if she was carved from white marble. Wynn describes her as "timeless." Virdi whispers into Wynn's ear that she is excited to see Wynn. She is sitting, and Wynn can now see that she is blonde, thin, and can be any age between 30 and 50. Her eyes are also green, as vibrant as Delilah's. Regina thanks Wynn for not mentioning to the PWG people that Pearson was on its way, and now Wynn is far away from where they were earlier. Pearson knew that there was a PWG facility there, but thanks to Delilah, Pearson knew what was going on there. Effectively, Delilah was a spy for Pearson after she innocently gave them some information after tricking her into not trusting PWG. She mocks that PWG is "permanently" annoying Pearson. Virdi says that there are many questions about Wynn's device and that it makes no sense. Such a device has never happened before. She says that it summons the power to make the Green unable to communicate. She also says it's like, "Why would the left hand struggle against the right?" Wynn tries to ask to cooperate or do nothing, but Virdi is laughing because Wynn has to have the "creature" from Wynn. Virdi takes some device out of her jacket pocket, like a phone or a remote. Virdi says that she'll turn off that inhibitor now. Virdi seems to have control of Wynn's Green at a facility of theirs and removes the Q-comm, and the communication between Wynn and the player terminates.

In the other alternative where Wynn tells PWG about Pearson, Wynn is conscious again and says that she feels woozy and drugged. Wynn looks like she is in some hospital room. However, Wynn is not tied down, and there is no IV. The room is dark with a machine next to the bed with some lights blinking. There are a couple of LED lights. Nothing else of importance except a window. Beyond it is snow, and the room smells clean. Wynn feels groggy, perhaps from the tranquilizer. Wynn then remembers killing Delilah. Wynn then questions their sanity but postpones it now. Wynn wonders where she is, and she tries to leave but finds two men, one six feet tall, 250 pounds, and the other skinnier but taller and even whiter, of some Nordic shade of pale. The man's three-piece suit is tight, and the sleeves and legs are almost too short for him. However, it looks tailored to fit just right on closer inspection. The man's voice sounds German or Swedish. Wynn asks them where she is and who they are, but the man in the suit says to sit down to answer the question. Wynn is indeed tired. Wynn then sits and asks where she is. He says they are very far from where Wynn was prior. They're at a PWG facility. The man in the suit's name is Einar Blom, and he leads the Permanent Working Group. The man is sincere and calm. The man's patience seems like that of someone ancient. The man's age is not easy to recognize, but he has a boyish swoop of white-blonde hair. The man's cheeks are so pale that Wynn doesn't think hair can grow on them, metaphorically like trees above the Arctic Circle. The man thanks Wynn for contacting Pearson Corp. The Green tried getting an agent of theirs onto their helicopter and may have succeeded if not for Wynn's warning. Wynn would have been dead in one of their facilities. By doing so, Wynn saved countless lives at PWG as well. However, Wynn confronts them about the people like Abela and the people in the containment room. Everyone was killed, and the player has to calm down Wynn to not to lose control. Wynn asks Blom to take out the device but says that they can't. Wynn is the first human to resist a Green infection, but the parasite has grown since the device was implanted. Taking out the parasite would kill Wynn, as seen through a CAT scan. The parasite wove itself into Wynn's brain. However, the man says that the device could be essential to defeating the Green. Blom says that Wynn is too risky to let go and that the device is the first breakthrough in hundreds of years to be a real possible cure of the disease. Wynn feels intimidated, but the player reminds Wynn that the disease manipulates Wynn to do different things. Despite initial disagreement, Wynn agrees that they cannot be so sure because of the mysterious aspects of the disease. Wynn also mentions the player to explain how Pearson got information about the PWG place and says that the player could make PWG public if they did something wrong to Wynn. Blom says that the communication device is an ansible that appears to be working as detected by the CAT scan. The ansible itself is from the future, and it seems to be of quantum powers that borderlines magic. However, upon threatening them that Wynn's story can go public, Blom has a phone device that can turn it off. A nurse attempts to take control of Wynn, but Wynn says that she will cooperate with them. While effectively trapped at PWG, Wynn has to risk it to find out what to do with their parasite. Wynn cannot talk for much longer but she thanks the player for being a pretty good imaginary friend. The Q-Comm device then says that the host neural status is conscious, that the host bio status is stable, and that the Q-Comm is shutting down in 3, 2, 1, and 0.

Another ending involves Wynn getting mad enough to become neither Green nor Wynn when hearing about the PWG not caring about those that perished under the protocol. "We" are Wynn, "we" believes that the player should have killed the Green inside Wynn, but "we" loved Delilah, still love her and will be going to war for her. Wynn's pulse is constantly between 200 and 205 bpm. As opposed to the white words that featured almost all of the game, Wynn's new text is light green, in contrast to the inhibitor, a darker green. "We" thank the player, and while it won't be easy for Wynn to escape, it'll do what it needs to escape, what is necessary. It says goodbye to the player for now.



The person that the player is talking to. They are trapped in some hospital looking for their sister, Delilah. Wynn's gender is not absolutely specified, but speculation that Wynn is a woman can be speculated from the app store description of Wynn, and one sentence in the game suggests Wynn to be a woman.

Dr. Erwin Stockle[]

The person that operated on Wynn.


Semi-intelligent animals and are believed to be infected, possessing metals and wires on the top of their heads.


Wynn's sister, whom Wynn is searching for.


An unfriendly dog at the entrance of one of the rooms. Is surrounded by LED lights.


Man who contributed to the Q-Comm implanted in Wynn.

The Green[]

As described by Floyd, the animals with metal and wires on their heads possess these.


An ape that is believed to cause the mayhem in the facility Wynn is in.


A worker at Permanent Working Group (PWG). Wynn's boss.


An unknown collection of infected animals composed of the Green is merged. Described as that by Wynn, who heard of a legend of such a concept from Delilah.

Marcus & Tommy[]

Gunmen of PWG

Regina Virdi[]

A worker at a Pearson hospital facility.

Einar Blom[]

Head of the PWG.


Code for elevator: 6334.

Codes for contacting Pearson Corporation: 0042, 1137, 1138, 3435, 6174, 1701, and 7734.

Answers as to why these passwords are in these numbers are because of the following: 0042 (as in the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), 1337 (a Morse code of Leet, short for Leetspeak, a hacker alphabet), 1138 (as in THX-1138, George Lucas's first movie), 3435 (Relating to one of the first Munchausen numbers, where each digit is raised to itself, then sum them, then get the same number, like three to the third power being 27, then four to the fourth power is 256, then three cubed again, then five to the fifth power being 3125, which 27 plus 256 plus 27 plus 3125 equals 3435), 6174 (which is considered Kaprekar's constant, after D.R. Kaprekar, who was an Indian school teacher with no higher degrees but worked with the properties of numbers, and who also had a wife), 1701 (as in USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in Star Trek: The Original Series), and 7734 (a reference to flipping a calculator upside down with 7734 looks like "hell."