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Description[edit | edit source]

Taylor's journey continues! Deep in the isolated vacuum of space, trapped in orbit around a strange black hole, our intrepid astronaut must once again reach out for a lifeline - YOU! Inside the spaceship Veridian, Taylor thought it was time for some hard-earned quiet solitude and a little R&R, but a very unexpected guest has other plans… 

The story unfolds in real-time, and every decision you make shapes the course of the story. Taylor's life, the fate of humanity, and time itself are in your hands. No pressure!

• Taylor’s epic struggle for survival continues! • The sixth installment in the hugely popular Green Series!  • Acclaimed author and fan favorite Dave Justus returns! • Immerse yourself in this sci-fi adventure with notifications from Taylor delivered throughout your day. • Your decisions could change the course of humanity... and possibly time itself!

Praise for Lifeline:

“I’ve played many games that I find engrossing, but Lifeline may be one of the first that changed the way I thought about my daily routine, which leapt off the screen and became a part of my lived experience.” - Eli Cymet, Gamezebo

“For a few brief hours I cared – really cared – about the fate of a completely fictional character. I don’t think any other game I’ve played has made me feel that way before.” - Matt Thrower, PocketGamer

Plot[edit | edit source]

Taylor is now able to communicate with the player after problems interfering from the black hole Taylor is orbiting and damages aboard the enemy military ship. Taylor says that the ship is basically on fire after a piece of tunguskite, which carries negative energy and stores heat extremely easily, was heated up by Taylor to scare off the infected crewmen onboard the enemy vessel from Lifeline: Silent Night. One piece heated up a magnesium flare, and Taylor asks the player to use the big Type B & C fire extinguisher or the small sodium chloride fire extinguisher. The Sodium chloride (which is also a type D fire extinguisher) is the correct fire extinguisher since it is specifically used to eliminate magnesium fires.

Taylor reminds the player that the very end of Lifeline: Silent Night that as Taylor drove the enemy ship towards the black hole and all seemed lost, a person tapped his shoulder and a stranger's voice said, "Hey, Taylor... you wanna get out of here?" Apparently, Taylor found out that this person actually another Taylor, and Taylor thought the voice was a stranger because Taylor says that people think words at differently that the way they speak. Taylor is wearing everything of the astronaut suit except his or her helmet. Taylor and T2aylor help destroy a wreckage that is going towards their ship either by Waldo (controlling an arm-like mechanism on the side of the ship) or by laser. T2aylor also predicts when the proximity alarm goes off (although is off by just two seconds). This second Taylor, which the Taylor the player talks to as T2aylor, is wearing a full astronaut suit, and Taylor believes that this is his or her future self due to the crazy nature of black holes and time dilation. However, T2aylor cannot reveal his face under his or her suit because T2aylor says that he or she was burned and scarred and cannot reveal his or her face. Upon being asked if T2aylor can go to sleep, T2aylor says "No I don't need to anym-- I mean, I'm not tired right now." However, Taylor doesn't seem suspicious.

Taylor then goes to bed, but cannot go back to sleep and listens to one of the before-infected enemy crewmate's music playlist of up to 20 songs. Taylor gives commentary on such songs, those of which are space-related, and goes back to sleep. Taylor wakes up and T2aylor says that he tranquilized and tortured the infected crew and uncovered the nature of this black hole and the mission of the Green. T2aylor gets into the theoretical but says that the green managed to accidentally summon an artificial black hole which can allow the green to take control of everything in the past, present, and future. A process called a Tipler Cylinder where a hypothetic construct to make time travel achievable was attempted, but seems like an impossibility. Frank Tipler in the 1970s proposed that a cylinder if spun on its longitudinal axis could achieve time travel because it creates a closed time-like curve. The creation failed under an attempt by the Green, but the Green managed to accidentally create an unreal artificial event horizon due to a fractured space-time instead, causing the same affects but in addition the tunguskite crystals. This tunguskite possesses Hawking radiation or of particles made to exist for an incredibly short amount of time, but are preserved because the crystals are so close to the event horizon. T2aylor also says that the green is a hive mind (SIMILAR TO DELILAH'S DESCRIPTION IN LIFELINE: FLATLINE), where they are all controlled by the Green's leader, its Queen, or the queen of the hive, something like that of a bee or ant colony. The Green's queen asked the hive to collect all the tunguskite or to pull space ships throughout time to crash on 31U00W (Desert Moon). The Green do anything the Queen instructs, even if it's life or death. Death of the Queen may lead to the end of the Green, but doing so would not be an easy task. The Green possess everything of their prey except their memories. Taylor talks to the player as usual, but T2aylor says that he or she never had a lifeline partner to get where he or she is now, and T2aylor urges to ignore the player, despite T2aylor saying that he or she is an identical future of Taylor one week into the future as a consequence of the black hole, and should have theoretically also had a player giving advice to T2aylor on what to do. Taylor asks the player to remind Taylor to bring up the code "cat" later on. T2aylor also says that he or she tortured the enemy crewmen, something Taylor cannot relate to but T2aylor says Taylor will eventually resort to. T2aylor mentions that these infected marines are named Corporal Balthazar de Ley, Corporal Casper Cruciger. Wing Commander Melanie Choir, of the Ninth Battalion. Part of the mission is to go to T2aylor's future space ship, blow up the space ship Taylor is on, and escape from the help of the blown up ship to escape the black hole's grasp. Upon going into T2aylor's ship after T2aylor enters first, T2aylor jokes about a helmet, and Taylor insists on getting his or her helmet back in Taylor's ship. T2aylor very much insists on doing anything but that, but Taylor goes back to Taylor's ship to find the helmet on insistence of the player. Trying to find it, Taylor starts to think that T2aylor is suspicious because a strange instrument is set alongside the tranquilizer. The player tells Taylor that this is an EpiPen, and it counteracts the tranquilizer. Taylor cannot find the helmet at his room, and checks in the cockpit. Taylor checks on the monitors and finds T2aylor injecting the EpiPen into the tranquilized enemy crewmates. Taylor realizes that T2aylor is infected with the green and locks the door with a glitchy code that prevents anyone into typing the correct code to enter the cockpit. Taylor has some chicken for food and falls asleep. Taylor wakes up and finds another vessel in space and realizes that this vessel contains onboard Mari Lee on an escape pod heading towards him and communicate via shining lights to each other in the form of Morse code.

Taylor realizes that he or she can only save Mari by using the Eva suit which he can find by the Ready Room. Taylor narrowly escapes from the cockpit to the ready room and finds an Eva suit and a cracked helmet. The Eva suit is a suit designed to be used in space, and Taylor has a SAFER unit (or Simplified Aid For EVA Rescue, similar to jetpacks in space) that allows him to wrap the ship Mari is on with the space ship Taylor is on with wires. Taylor says that he will feel a lot pain because the nitrogen content cannot adjust easily towards the vacuum of space. Upon exiting, when the player reminds Taylor of his or her "cat," Taylor remembers to mentions that the fact that he or she was able to communicate to to a player breaks the chain of T2aylors because Taylor is able to do something that breaks the black hole cycle. When T2aylor never had a lifeline partner, the cycle of T2aylor getting infected would happen the same way repeatedly forever. The concept is Schordinger's cat experiment. However, since Taylor has a partner, the partner's advise breaks the chain and allows for the future to be broken. Taylor also brings up how back on Earth, Taylor remembers one day how at a pet store Austin Pets Alive!, one of the animal shelters in town (POSSIBLY BEING CONTINGENT TO WHERE ALEX IS IN LIFELINE: CRISIS LINE, which is Austin), while just looking for a cat, Taylor's "folks" were interested in getting a hound dog puppies, while Taylor's brother an sister played with kittens. One particular cat was older and in all black, having bright golden eyes. He was hardly looking like a cat, his fur was patchy and matted and he was severely underweight. Taylor suspects the cat had been there for months, although Taylor couldn't tell how old this guy was. Taylor opened the cage and the stink seemed to hit Taylor like a fist. He had horrible stomach problems, they hadn't found a food that worked. But he walked to the edge of his cage and put his two front paws on Taylor's shoulder and then laid his head against Taylor's cheek and started purring. And that was it. Taylor was in love. Taylor and the player suspect that the cat was waiting for Taylor, and while other people passed him by because the cat was sickly or smelly or not looking like a kitten, the cat was looking for someone who would open his cage and accept him for who he was. The cat was rewarded by the decision with Taylor's unconditional love. Taylor's family got him on the right diet, got him healthy and smelling good, made his cat shiny, but aside from the pills and supplements and specialty foods a side, all the cat wanted was a lap to fall asleep in. He just needed to know that he was cared for. Taylor advices to take so time with hang out with a pet, or perhaps a friend, and give some attention. To make sure that the player loves them. To make sure they have tons of happy memories of the player, and vice versa. Taylor excludes goldfish since they don't really have stellar memories. Taylor says to make all these happy memories because, to take it from Taylor personally, "you never know when you might get stranded in outer space... and you'll wish you had just one more day with them. Oh... and thank you again. The player asks why, and Taylor responds "for - man, this is probably gonna sound dumb, but I'm pressing forward with it - for being the one to rescue me. Because I'm clearly Tom Haverford in this metaphor. I'm smelly. I'm underweight. Space travel has treated me unkindly. But none of that mattered to you. You saw that I needed help - needed someone to care - and you answered. You came to my rescue. So... thanks."

Taylor gets what he or she believes is sufficiently pressurized enough and exits the vessel and feels the pain of not properly adjusting to the vacuum of space (which Taylor says would take 24 hours but needs to do this to save Mari Lee). T2aylor intercepts the communication and says that T2aylor plans to commit harm to Taylor and Mari. Taylor manages to round him or herself around Mari's ship and is able to communicate to her to change the future Taylor to make this future Taylor good and under the wing of Mari. Taylor reaches back to Taylor's ship with the Sleeper set up only to find that T2aylor is waiting for Taylor in a fully functioning suit and fully adjusted to the vacuum of space. T2aylor does not have much left other than to set the thing connecting Mari's ship to Taylor's ship and let's go, letting Taylor and T2aylor fully in the grasp of the black hole and away from the ship. T2aylor first gets into spaghettification through the intense black hole's gravity and gets sucked in first. Taylor says that he does not know what's next (if there even is a next) but that he'll try to communicate with the player if he regains consciousness. As he begins to be spaghettified, Taylor says "Thank yooouuuu aaaaannnnnnddddd ggggggooooodddddddbbbbbbb" (probably meaning to say Thank you and goodbye) and the connection between Taylor and the player ends.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Taylor[edit | edit source]

Formerly part of the Varia and White Star vessels, Taylor is now on an enemy ship called the Viridian outside a black hole.

T2aylor[edit | edit source]

Potential future Taylor one week into the future of Taylor, says that future Taylor has a damaged face from the fire that went wrong and that T2aylor cannot show his or her face.

Enemy Infected Crewmates[edit | edit source]

Infected crewmates by the green, T2aylor mentions that these infected marines are named Corporal Balthazar de Ley, Corporal Casper Cruciger. Wing Commander Melanie Choir, of the Ninth Battalion. Taylor listens to the leader, Melanie Choir, her 20 song-playlist one time because of his or her restless and cannot sleep.

Mari Lee[edit | edit source]

Companion on the White Star Ship who is now in an escape pod, Taylor attempts to save her on his or her ship. According to Lifeline: Silent Night, the previous episode to this game, Mari Lee is pregnant.

Music[edit | edit source]

Taylor listens to 20 songs from one of the former leader of the Enemy Vessel, Melanie Choir, before she got infected. They are ordered in this order:

1) Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space - Spiritualized

2) Lost in Space - Aimee Mann

3) How To Fight Loneliness - Wilco

4) Subterranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead

5) Space Oddity - David Bowie

6) Disassociative - Marilyn Manson

7) Apollo - Hum

8) Leave the Planet - Galaxie 500

9) Across the Universe - Fiona Apple

10) Space Walk - Lemon Jelly

11) Moondust - Jaymes Young

12) Stars - Noctilucent

13) Galaxies - Owl City

14) The Fall - Cat Like Thief

15) Apollo XI - Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark

16) Space Lord - Monster Magnet

17) D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman - Oasis

18) Souvlaki Space Station - Slowdive

19) Spacetravel - Bush

20) The Commander Thinks Aloud - The Long Winters

Mark Jestus, writer for much of this series, posted a link for anyone to hear:

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