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Lifeline: Whiteout is the fourth game in the Lifeline series created by 3 Minute Games.

Alone in a frozen wasteland with no memory of how he got there, a lost adventurer’s only hope is his last line of communication – to YOU! Guide him to safety and help him find his identity in this gripping story of survival. Your choices shape the story as you play! Decisions can have a profound effect. Finish the game and then play again to discover a whole new story when you make different choices.

3 Minute Games has partnered with Eipix Entertainment for the next installment of the critically-acclaimed Lifeline series. Lifeline: Whiteout introduces a brand new character, V. Adams! Play on the go with real-time notifications sent to your device or check in with V. Adams throughout your day – waiting for the bus, eating lunch, before bed!


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A man comes through some incoming communication requests. A speech-to-text protocol is initiated, and the link is activated. A person's voice comes in, indicating help and some accident, but the amount of static makes the man's voice barely recognizable. The person readjusts the static and finds that it just needed the device to update so that wouldn't be a problem anymore. The man says that the man's comm finally stopped beeping after this morning, which was happening when the comm was not updated. This person says that the player's signal is the only one permitting anyone to talk to him. The person announces that he is in a dire situation where his body is dropping fast in a really cold area and the man is lost and disoriented. The man doesn't have much memory due to some amnesia, but the man says that he believes he is anywhere between Alaska and Siberia. The person cannot even remember his own name, but all that is there is a "V. Adams" patch on his suit. There is a wrecked snowmobile sticking out of ice not far away from where the person, V. Adams, is, but there is also a banged-up briefcase nearby. V. Adams realizes he is on a frozen lake, where the snowmobile is already halfway through the ice. The briefcase also doesn't have a lot of surviving contents.

The player instructs V. Adams to check for the snowmobile. The snowmobile seems to have a warm engine, and that means that Adams was where he is much shorter than previously realized. Upon trying to salvage it, V. Adams tries salvaging the fuel or battery, the battery being too hard to pull out, apparently because bullets are lodged in it. V. Adams realizes that the ice is cracking, and Adams tries to catch his breath after luckily running away in time. Adams then goes to the briefcase and finds that the logo is the same one on Adam's suit, saying the letters ALT. Adams tries opening it, the combination is left, then right, then another right. Upon opening it, it is described by Adams as a treasure trove. The food is some sort of beef jerky, but the taste is tasteless and very bland. Adams finds that he uses the snow to help gulp down the tasteless jerky (not the yellow kind, Adams reassures the player). In it, there is a card that says Dr. W. Sibellius, Biomedical Research, and Development, ALT International. Adams is surprised to have no idea who Dr. Sibellius is. Also inside the compartment is some data storage unit, sealed in a blood-soaked zip bag.

Adams hears a helicopter in the distance, although it is far away. The helicopter on second glance seems to veer wildly back and forth. Suddenly, smoke comes out of the engine and the helicopter crashes down, like a rock. A huge explosion happened over a hill. The explosion caused a rippling effect causing a large crack to cause the lake Adams is on to break apart. Adams runs away and says that the helicopter crash site is a couple of miles away. The helicopter is probably still on fire with smoke. That is to Adam's right. But on his left, his far left, there are some blinking red lights. Perhaps it's a beacon, but Adams can't see clearly from this distance. Adams heads for the helicopter crash site and sees a fast but risky climb or a long route heading towards the copter. Adams chooses the riskier one and makes it. The hilltop seems to be an excellent vantage point. There is a burning wreck straight ahead but yet another 70-degree slope or a longer method. The player advises a safer path down there. Adams says that the freezing wind made his fingers numb and face itchy and dry, but Adams at least didn't slip and fall. Adams reaches the remains of the helicopter and says that the fire is still going on. Wreckage is all over the place and the helicopter is split wide open. Both rotor blades snapped entirely and the engine was on fire, which has since spread to the cockpit. The fuel tank seems to be fueling the fire. All equipment looks decimated, but Adams looks for debris. Adams, on the advice that the bodies are more important, says that both diseased pilots were wearing helmets. One of them is wearing a jumpsuit with a patch as well as Adams, but it's too burned to read. During this time, Adams warms himself up from the fire in this tundra he is in and notices hearing a high-pitched beep. Adams looks for it by taking out of the fire by throwing snow. There was a box, and it was easy to open. There seems to be surveillance equipment causing that sound, and the beep is some malfunctioning warning sound. Adams also finds a flare that is still somehow intact and sees a satellite map of the area as well. There is only part of it, but Adams sees the lake where he woke up and the hill where he is now. There seem to be only two other points of interest on the map, which is a small structure about six miles northwest from his current location or a bridge, which is closer and southeast.

The player asks to head toward the bridge, but Adams notices that it is old and worn down. It lacks rails and it was likely used for old ground transport vehicles, now old and unused. The bridge is also slippery, and one wrong step will lead him headlong into the river. The gorge cannot be climbed, and the bridge is at least 60 feet deep with sheer cliffs on each side. The player advises turning back, and Adams completely agrees. After some time, Adams starts reaching the small structure by the time the region is getting pretty dark. Adams later hears howling and believes the sound to be of wolves. Adams turns his radio off for a little bit to counter the sound of him panting that might appear on the comm, saying "Adams over and out!" The player advises Adams to run, and he finally reaches the structure. Adams says that the building looks smaller than he would imagine it looking, the barking Adams heard earlier sounds more like a dog barking. Adams investigates the sound in this frozen wasteland and finally finds where the sound is coming from. It is not a wolf, but it seems to be coming from a makeshift cage. The sound seems to be more of a cry for help than some angry beast. A garage also appears, and Adams first looks for tracks. He mentions that a snowmobile looks like it was parked inside, nothing larger could fit there. Adams also notes that the tracks are seen in the snow just a few hours ago, and Adams says that the tracks could be his. Adams approaches the dog and decides to give the dog some of the tasteless jerkies. The dog swallowed it in one gulp, and Adams seems to have a playful appearance towards him. Adams also describes the situation around the kennel like it was ransacked because it is a mess and that someone has piled everything in the center of the room except for a box stove in the center of the room but which is too heavy to move. Adams cannot then use fire but finds a container and second container but with a door in the way that is also sturdy with an electronic lock. Suddenly, Adams hears a beeping sound from the other side of the door, and there is a pile of various papers and some unlabeled cans. They are big ones, at least a pound each. He opens one and says that that one smells good even if it isn't too appetizing. It is some kind of beef stew. Adams gives the dog one to the dog, and the dog seems to love it. The dog is now much friendlier and his fluffy tail is wagging like crazy. The player opens it up to let him free, but the dog just ran off somewhere without any sign of gratitude.

Adams looks for some shelter to sleep and mentions that the inside temperature is as cold as the outside. Adams goes into one room which he says has no wind and a makeshift bed from plenty of papers, so the room is a little warmer. Adams searches for more stuff to find a station container. Suddenly, Adams finds a stack of wood, although it's just a few planks. The room is still cold because apparently one of the doors has its hinges ripped, allowing cold air to leak in from outside. Not being able to find a lighter or matchbox, he still has a flare back from the crash site. Adams asks if using a flare is safe to breathe, and the player says it is. Adams is able to create a fire and is finally able to get some sleep. Trying to sleep sometime in the middle of the night, Adams mentions that the fire went out and that he is freezing but also so tired. After a few hours of cozy warmth, the fire went out. He's not sure how, especially since there was enough fuel, and suspects the wind. However, after some time of shaking, a miracle happened. The dog that was released from the kennel came back and laid beside Adams. The dog kept him warm all night. Adams also says that the dog is letting him pet him. The dog seems really soft. The dog has some kind of collar, perhaps military-based. In addition, somehow the electronically locked door opened up during that night and says that somehow someone watched him sleep without Adams knowing it. Adams opens the unlocked door abruptly and accidentally bumps his head while doing so. There are some boxes around the room, and those boxes also seem ransacked. There seems to be some broken scientific equipment and a seismograph and a smashed computer. Adams suspects that the stalker was really angry. Adams searches for more boxes and says that his luck is finally changing. Some survivalist's dream house seems to be there with an empty backpack and a pair of snowshoes. More beef stew cans are there. Adams stuffs plenty into his backpack and one for the dog. Because the dog saved Adams's life, he wants to give the dog a name. He names the dog Blue after the dog's blue eyes. Both the dog and Adams have some beef stew for breakfast.

After having a full belly, Adams decides to look outside and finds either a relay station or some tracks that were created just two hours ago. Perhaps that person opened the electronically locked door. The tracks are heading somewhere northeast into the mountains. Adams chooses to follow the tracks but eventually loses sight of them due to the wind. Adams is near the mountains and follows his instincts. He finally reaches the mountains but finds that the snowstorm is raging now. He can barely stand up but eventually ended up at the right place by a cave in the mountainside just about twenty yards away. He enters the cave, which seems to be abandoned at this time. It turns out to be a hideout with a makeshift bed, some empty stew cans, and even a fire pit without a single ember. Upon closer inspection, there seems to be something white and glittery scattered around the fire pit. Adams recognizes this as teeth, human teeth, with fresh blood. The storm at this time seems to be at its peak and lets blue guard for anybody else. Adams finds a flashlight without batteries but also a torn, bloodstained folder labeled "Tersus Protocol." During this storm, Adams reads the documents and says that much of the dossier was either missing or completely ruined. However, Adams seems to be in some kind of area in an experiment with live test subjects but doesn't say what organization such as the military or government runs it. Adams says that there is also a relay station in the documents with a hand-drawn map. There are also pieces of a detailed description of that facility, which says that the best thing to do is to maintain a security override for the front door, which is supposed to be in case of a power outage. Another name comes up the most in this folder, which is Sibellius. Adams asks what Dr. Sibellius has to do with ALT, but he seems like he's in high command.

Adams decides to travel out to the relay station, but later on, says that the storm is picking up again. Adams, upon exiting, sees a man in the distance. Upon being cheerful, he tries to approach him, but wonders if this man has anything to do with being the owner of the cave. The man now sees Adams, and Adams doesn't like what he sees. The man looked disturbed or angry and threw some bloody pliers in front of Adams. He's grinning now, toothless and bloody, but isn't making a sound. He then pulls a plank out of his backpack and is writing something with a black marker. It says "The Time of Tersus dawns." The man asks Adams to show him his teeth. Adams says to back off, but the man says "This is for your own good." "They use your teeth to track you." "Pull them out." "Use the pliers," Adams responds to those writings that he will not mutilate himself, and the man now looks mad. The storm is picking up, and the writing is barely legible in all the snow. Adams also calls the man the doomsayer. But the man responds by writing "Then you are one of them" And they must die." The man now has a knife. Adams and the man get into a fight, and he comes back to say that he is physically fine but just killed a man. Adams is shaking a little and is a little confused. He wonders if he's being played upon. Adams says that he killed the man with his own bare hands. The player responds that he's going into shock, and remembers the man lunging at him and him grabbing his hand like a reflex. Then, he hit him right between the eyes with that large flashlight in the man's cave. It cracked but made the man drop his knife. Adams hits him again, and again, and can't remember how many times. He wasn't angry but just couldn't stop. It was as if he had to do it because it was something necessary. It was survival over everything, including his emotions. He worries the player if something is wrong with him, but the player acknowledges that it was self-defense. Then, Adams asks the player if Adams should be feeling a shred of remorse, to which the player responds "I don't know..." Adams then says, honestly, if he is a monster. Adams responds that he is not a monster, to which Adams responds, saying "thank you for saying so, my friend. You're all I've got now. It feels good to know there's someone on my side." Adams asks what to do next, and searches around the man's body, finding the pliers. V. Adams looks into the man's pockets, only to find that there is a nametag in his pockets, almost identical to V. Adams. Instead, it says I. Adams. The player advises that the two could be related.

V. Adams walks toward the relay station to find that there is a huge storm cloud headed his way. The storm will become particularly bad in just a few minutes when they intersect, and the player advises Adams to run. Adams suddenly loses sight of Blue, but admires the storm and its horrifying but majestic and breathtaking view. Now, the world seems completely white and is now so cold that it burns like fire. The player tells Adams to perhaps wait for the storm to pass. Upon thinking that Adams will surmise to the storm, Blue comes back and Adams follows Blue and trusts his instincts. After some time, Blue saves Adams's life, again, and almost brings him to the relay station. Adams can now see the blinking lights on top of the antennae. Adams comments that he will give extra stew to Blue. However, Adams finds yet another man frozen in the snow who died from being shot. Adams rotates the dead man's body and mentions that this man looks like the doomsayer, the man Adams just killed an hour ago. Upon closer inspection, Adams still concludes the same thing, with the same bony cheeks, glossy eyes, and thin lips. However, there is no blood on this man's face. The man's teeth, however, are all still in contact, only now a little yellow. This man also is carrying a name tag, but instead of V. Adams or I. Adams, this man's name was II. Adams. Suddenly, V. Adams recognizes that these names seem to be in Roman numerals and a last name of Adams. There is definitely a pattern. However, upon trying to enter the relay station, the entrance is locked. Adams uses the pliers and remembers the documents from the cave about the security doors and depressurizes a panel. Then, he finds a little knob, on the lower part of the lock cylinders. Then, the entrance is depressurized and opens it to get into the station. However, the door closes right behind him when entering, and sees that the door behind him just slammed shut and Blue is still stuck outside. The room inside is pitch black, but also smells something weird. Adams uses his instincts to search for the light, but finds some stacks and cuts his hand while doing so. He opens it up and finds out what that weird smell is, which is tons of blood and death, with the early stages of decomposition. The floor seems covered with bodies and the walls are practically painted with blood. Adams is dripping in it, but while panicking, the player reassures him to take deep breaths, and that helps Adams.

The player advises V. Adams to check his surroundings. Blood is spattered on some fire escape map, but Adams recognizes this location as some kind of lobby. There are two rooms next to this one, a bedroom with a small kitchen and a computer lock, separated by an electronic lock. There is also a bathroom with a shower. Adams checks the bathroom, which also has upon closer inspection has a toilet, bathtub, and sink. There is also a mirror. Adams sees his face but is distraught with fear and panics upon seeing that his face is the same as the Doomsayer's face. Adams asks what he is, if he is some experiment, clone, or if he is even human, or if he is something worse, like some sort of a scientific abomination. However, the player reassures V. Adams that answers to this dilemma will be found here and that more information is needed to know for sure. Adams agrees and says that he needs to find some way to bypass that electronically-closed lock. The door says that it needs a keycard, and tries looking for some dead bodies. The corpses make Adams feel weird like Adams had something to do with their deaths. The bodies seem to not look like Adams at least, but there are only two males and two females found dead. In one of the two men's pockets, he finds a keycard in his pocket. Adams manages to open up the door electronically locked and has a display: "Welcome, Dr. Rosenkreutz!" At this computer, there is a laptop and a central mainframe computer. Adams checks the laptop and finds that there doesn't need to be any password. Adams finds Dr. Rosenkreutz's email client. His Inbox is mostly automated emails involving test results and lots of data. Adams checks the sent items folder and finds two emails a day ago. Adams believes that's probably around the time Adams woke up on that frozen lake. One has the subject line "Failed Behavioral Experiment" and the other just says "RE: III" Adams. The email with III. Adams says that Adams stole a helicopter at security. A strict protocol was followed and refraining from any type of contact to avoid contaminating the experiment. Sensors show there are several Adams converging towards-- but the laptop shuts down without enough battery. No charging station can be found. Adams then checks the mainframe screen to find "insert access card." The keycard qualifies for Dr. Rosenkreutz and Adams is in. Adams sees that he can choose either "Data Log" or "Security Footage." Upon looking into the data log, there is a lot to read. However, a conclusion can be drawn with the statement "ALT Technologies - Tersus Protocol Activation Notice." Units II, III, and IV displayed irrational, aggressive behavior. Dr. Rosenkreutz requested the Tersus Protocol be executed. The cleanup will be delayed until weather conditions improve for efficient search. All personnel must evacuate immediately or remain in lockdown until the protocol terminates. The author is ALT Lead Researcher, Dr. W. Sibellius. Adams believes Sibellius holds the key to all his answers but considering that the "Adams batch" didn't go well, he wonders what exactly he is. That at least means that V. Adams is not labeled irrational and aggressive, and Adams knows that I. Adams is no longer a problem. Adams can also insert the data storage unit he found in the briefcase on the frozen lake. Apparently, it also works, and it shows a digital map of the entire experiment compound. Now he can finally travel without relying on luck and intuition. The map shows that there is only one way out of this tundra environment, which is at the ALT Main Facility just north of the station. Another file is unnamed, but it is an instruction manual for the tracking system ALT uses to track the Adams units. I. Adams was correct, as ALT is tracking them through implants in their teeth. Anyway, because of the storm, the weather is likely blocking the signal. Adams says that he's going to have to pull out a tooth. Adams has to rip a tooth out.

Adams lets the player know when it's over. He mentions that there is blood all over the bathroom, but it is done. He squeezed and yanked until his eyes burned with agony. He heard an organic sound grinding and creaking somewhere deeper than his mouth, like his head or brain. However, it was replaced by the blossoming of pain. It was basically like a cathartic fire pulsing his heart, and his mind drew a blank until the climax. Flesh tearing from bone, and the pain ebbs to find into subconsciousness, leaving a dull burn. It was hard, but Adams managed to do it, smash it, and flush it. Adams's head and jaw hurt like his whole body is screaming at him to rest. Adams speculates that maybe someone wanted Adams to find it, but searches for more information. Adams decided to look for V. Adams, and it just says "Find me when you are ready." and is simply signed with an "S." Perhaps S stands for Sibellius, but the only way out of this wasteland is through ALT's main headquarters. Adams's head is still pounding and his jaw feels like it's been hit by a truck. Adams hopes he is better than experiment and wants to bury them as a sign of being human, and the player reassures him. Adams lets Blue come over and finds a real bed with warm blankets. Adams says that he thanks the player for staying with him, through all of this, and goes to sleep.

Adams says that he tried sleeping for a while for at least a few hours with too many nightmares. Adams decides to look up more ALT documents on the mainframe computer. Everything he saw yesterday seems to explain some things, such as this arctic wasteland is a fenced-in training ground owned by ALT. Not only that, but they monitor every inch of it with drones. However, three days ago, something big happened during their experiment with the Adams series, which probably includes V. Adams. Dr. Rosenkreutz monitored III> Adams, but after he stole a helicopter, he decided to initiate the Tersus Protocol, essentially a kill order, for the Adams series. However, Dr. Rosenkreutz was wrong, and it was only II Adams who went berserk and was knocking at his front door. Had it not been for the storm, Adams would have probably died as well, even though Adams is actually perfectly fine and not mentally unstable. A few elite squads were summoned, but a few groups of trained, merciless killers seem to be after Adams. The only person who also seems to hold information about the Adams series seems to be Dr. W. Sibellius. Adams decides to have some food, but Blue starts barking after Blue starts barking. Another helicopter arrived and the mainframe computer started beeping. Adams follows the beeping sound after hearing that it is the same beeping from that locked door where there was that makeshift station where Blue was located. A message appears on the screen, and that seems to be the source of the beeping. It says it's from IV. Adams. However, Adams remembers that IV. Adams was listed as irrational and aggressive. Anyway, it reads "Dear Five," IV. Adams hopes V. Adams knows that ALT has activated the Tersus Protocol. The only way to survive is to prove to Dr. Sibellius that there is nothing wrong with us. After trying to talk to I. Adams, he lost his mind. II. Adams and III. Adams couldn't be notified. There isn't much time left according to IV. Adams and the only choice for Adams are to run, but not blindly. However, IV. Adams can help Adams escape. There are tunnels leading from V. Adam's station to the hydroelectric plant along the river. The tunnels are heated to keep the frost out, but whatever Adams should do, he should NOT touch the main power cable! There is direct access across the shaft under the mainframe computer, just head straight. He shall see Adams on the other side. "Your Brother, Four." That is all IV. Adams wrote, but Adams now thinks that perhaps the Adams series is composed of brothers. Can he even trust IV. Adams? Anyway, Adams checks under that console to move to the mainframe computer. Adams uses his strength to move the computer to find that after a few attempts, it barely gets through by flipping it over. Both Adams and Blue go through and do not cut through the cables going through even with the assistance that the cable could disrupt communication, as IV. Adams warned not to do so. Adams manages to shut the console back to where it was originally, and both Blue and Adams go through. Adams takes a break after some time crawling, and finds that there is a sloping tunnel, and despite his being thirsty, is feeling rather happy. Now, being underground, Adams finds that the tunnel is like a Sahara. Finally, Adams finds the end of the tunnel, which is some kind of porthole with an emergency light that is red and dim. It doesn't appear to open.

Upon trying to examine the porthole, someone is coming. The man looks like him, and he sees Adams. The man opens the porthole and Adams asks the man if he is IV. Adams. He answers that he is and is happy to see his brother. He says that V. Adams may call him Four. Four asks why V. Adams is talking to his comm and why Adams's dog is with him. Adams explains that he is talking to his friend and says that Blue is mistaking V. Adams with Four. It is likely that Blue didn't bark at I. Adams when he trespassed because he looked identical to V. Adams. The player asks where Adams is, and he says he's at some kind of turbine room, perhaps some hydroelectric plant. From what the place appears, it looks like Four has stayed there for a while, with a makeshift bed, dirty clothes, empty stew cans, and something drawn all over the walls in charcoal, some blueprints of all the ALT facilities. Four signals Adams over and says to the player that he is speaking quietly so IV. Adams doesn't hear. Adams says that Four went up to the dam to check the perimeter, but could be back any second. Four told Adams everything, that he is almost as crazy as the doomsayer, or should he say One was. Everything seems to be understandable from what Four said, but is creeped out that Four keeps mentioning Dr. Sibellius as "Father." Four seems to worship him to the point of being creepy. To Four, the Tersus Protocol is some kind of spiritual cleansing so the Adams can die over and over until they "achieve perfection for Father." Adams distrusts Sibellius, and speculates about what to do next. Four also tried contacting all five Adams series, but only V. Adams and One were able to be contacted because they were the only ones alive then. Four wanted to guide the Adams series into the tunnels and then they'd storm the main facility together. When V. Adams asked Four how he found out about the tunnels, Adams said something weird. He said he remembered because he's already died eight times. Four questions Four's honesty, but Four comes back to say that two ALT helicopters are circling the building. Four grabs his assault rifle from one of the crates and runs back up to that area. Adams chooses to find a hiding place but suddenly a gas comes, but Four, V. Adams, and Blue sniffed in the gas and passed out.

Adams wakes up with his head pounding and everything being blurry, concluding that he was sedated. Adams also vomits and tries looking for Blue. Apparently, the dog is lying behind a place with no door but gets zapped after hitting himself against a forcefield. there. Only his hand got a little singed. Blue seems to be alive but finds that there is a camera there. Four is also beside Adams, who lies down and wakes up when V. Adams tries waking him up. He says hello to Five, who is glad that the orders have been changed. V. Adams says that Father has changed his mind to allow Four and V. Adams to have a second chance to be reborn, but not to worry. Their bodies will be destroyed, but Father will preserve their minds to be downloaded again in his next series to try again. However, when Adams asks for that to not happen and to try to say that they're not crazy, Father still believes that they are still defective. Perhaps he is right. But Four wants Five to talk to him directly so he can listen to him. Adams asks if he is some clone, but Four laughs and says that they are actually the result of decades of research by scientists in biochemistry and artificial intelligence to result in becoming the world's first truly bio-synthetic lifeforms, or more specifically, the most organic robots ever built. Four says that he is not lying, and while Adams is still paranoid because of hearing this, Four grabs a knife. Four grabs the knife to cut his arm, which after peeling behind the skin, under the muscles, even with blood dripping, are metallic bones. However, Adams feels human. The player says that Adams should face the truth, and in trying to search for Sibellius, he sees that the pain-inducing forcefield is a mechanism generating it under the floor. There is a small access panel on his wall, where there are a couple of small jacks. Four says that he has a plan. He says to Adams to listen for a moment, but that once he is set free, he should go down to the control room. Put the barracks on lockdown or he will be swarmed with guards. He has to memorize the code 3-3-Z-T-S-8-9. Four says he'll know when to use it when the time comes. Four pulls a cable-free from his exposed arm and Adams worries that he will bleed out by playing around with that. Four is putting the cable into that access panel and electrocuting himself. Four says that I'm going to free you, Five, but you must move quickly. He says farewell, in the hope to meet again. The lights went out and now the forcefield is gone. Four is still breathing, but Adams lets him die in peace and to accomplish Four's mission. Blue arrives with Adams to see that the dog is still a little wobbly from the gas. Adams sees an elevator but remembers what Four said, and goes to the control room instead. There is no alarm, and Adams is in the elevator on Level 1, which Adams is in the basement. Adams jumps to the elevator music, but a guard comes and Adams knocks the guy out but getting some bruises himself in the process. Adams retrieves the guard's gun.

Adams enters the control room to find two scientists who are probably not armed. Adams instructs the scientists to do what he says and says that while he won't kill them, the player reminds Adams to not turn his heads against them. On the screen is the password, which is the one Four said it was. The password is 33ZTS89. The computer says access is granted and welcomes Dr. Sibellius. On the screen are two choices, either Production Hall Controls or Facility Controls. Upon choosing facility controls, Adams also locks the barracks and then sounds an alarm into the garage to lock it down, too. That would trap most guards and can allow Adams to meet Sibellius. Everything Adams does seems like a success, according to the monitors in the garage holding plenty of guards there. There are also production hall controls, but finds all kinds of series, several hundred, all grouped by type and indicates that an arm is trying to be built. One example is the Wilson Series which is some military drone with high-caliber rounds, gyroscope stabilizers, anti-grav generator, max. speed of 60 miles per hour. Its suggested role is in combat. Another series is the Murdoch Series, which is a military android with 100x magnification, long-range recording, and night vision. Its role is in surveillance. Adams notes how these are top-of-the-line robotics, and the costs must be astronomical. There is no Adams series, however, Adams plans to destroy the project, and while one doesn't budge, the other says to just overload the system. The other mentions the scientist's name in a banter, calling him Aaron. Adams says that there are now only two options for overloading. Adams can set the power to the maximum or the speed to maximum. One of the scientists asks upon Adams's request of where Dr. Sibellius is, saying to keep heading towards the center. Sibellius is probably listening to them right now. Adams locks the scientists in the supply closet and gives him a key to have them locked in.

Adams heads towards the center, where he questions what is going on regarding existence and the power Sibellius has over him. The player mentions that Sibellius should not be able to have such control over anybody, from privacy to morals. Anyhow, Adams found his office with a door that is just plain with his name, without any windows. Adams prepares to knock but a person's voice says "There's no need for formalities. Come in." Adams says that Sibellius hacked into their comm frequency, and Sibellius responds to say that he has been listening to their frequency the entire time from days ago. Sibellius doesn't answer why but says to come in. Sibellius's door is unlocked, but another empty hallway is beyond there. Sibellius says that this is some final exam. Adams comes to a fork in the road. The player advises going left. Sibellius says that he is studying Adams, and asks Adams to wait to hear the truth. Another crossroads occurs as Adams is finding that this route gets dimmer. Adams asks the player if this is still the right way, that of which the player reassures. Sibellius asks why Adams trusts his friend the player so blindly. Adams says it's because he trusts the player after everything that has worked out so far. Adams ventures through to respond that the concrete walls are very cold and can feel every bump. Something slimy and spongy is passing him. Blue seems to be eating that stuff, and under desperation, Adams runs back to the light. The player asks Adams how his hands are if they are stained. Adams responds to say that they are just a little wet. Adams says that perhaps he may have just been passing moss. Adams and Blue go together, and finally, see light on the other side. On this side is yet another fork, with one made of red bricks and the other of plain concrete. Adams asks Blue to go up the red bricks and Blue goes up the steps. Blue barks and finally Adams finds Sibellius's office. Sibellius asks Adams to come in. He also says that Adams's testing phase is complete and that there are no more tricks. Adams follows Sibellius's voice in the office he now enters and finds Dr. Sibellius, who, as Adams is talking, Sibellius interrupts. Sibellius says "in a wheelchair? Very old? Hooked to a breathing apparatus?" Sibellius assures him that he may recognize Sibellius as an older version of Adams himself. Adams thinks that he is now a clone of younger Adams, but Sibellius says that Adams is actually something better of him. Sibellius asks the player questions directly, to which the player can ask why he asked to keep Adams alive even against the Tersus Protocol. Sibellius mentions the limits of Adam's four brothers, and the four became delusional one way or another. Adams One first achieved creative thinking but could not distinguish between reality and fiction, resulting in becoming paranoid and delusional, as Adams personally saw firsthand. Adams Two had a faulty ego chick that caused him to manically switch between self-importance and self-depression. Adams Two took his own life in the next Adams, but Adams Three had an error in his self-preservation code to create an infinite loop, resulting in apathy and severe aggression. His atrocities committed at the relay station made Sibellius initiate the Tersus Protocol. Sibellius mentions that Four is a special case. Sibellius used Four multiple times over the years, since the first series. He preserved his memories onto each new body. This Adams finally achieved compassion. However, his compassion led to foolishly sacrificing himself for Adams. Sibellius says that he should have retired Four years ago. Sibellius says that Adams is an anomaly for having succeeded in creating successful relationships as well as learning to adapt. At first, Adams relied entirely on his friend's help, but now Adams mostly relies on his own decisions, sometimes ignoring the player's advice. Sibellius was ready to give up, but Adams reached his full potential sooner than anticipated.

Adams asks Sibellius what his purpose is, and Sibellius says that Adams must listen to his burden. The player says that he deserves the truth, but Sibellius says that he gave Sibellius life and has the right to take it away. Adams in fact owes Sibellius his life. Adam's preservation is for preservation. Because of humanity's fragility, as people die of old age, accidents, or cancer, minds are limited by their bodies. Sibellius's will is strong and his mind is sharper than ever, but his life will come to an end. He says that doctors gave Sibellius two weeks to live several months ago, but while he lives, his days are filled with pain and regret. With all Sibellius's money, his connections, and research, he could not find a cure. However, with robots, creating thousands, with a purpose each, can help with construction and servitude, while others have the meaning to steal, kill and destroy. But Sibellius wants to recreate life in his previous decade. To recreate life, he mentions that clones are human, even the most complex robotic mind cannot match even the complexity of the human brain... until Adams was created. Adams could overcome his hardware and is the perfect blend of human and machine, Sibellius's magnum opus. Sibellius says that he will not be his swan song, but will download his mind into Adams's body to become what has been sought by humans for millennia... immortality. The player asks what Adams will feel, and Sibellius responds that Adams will feel no pain, like simply like going to sleep. He can preserve Adams's mind to test further models. Adams is startled, and Sibellius says that Adams passed all of Sibellius's tests with flying colors. This is Adam's true purpose. Sibellius says that this will benefit humanity with no more disease and one no longer limited by time itself. Adams worries that his own life is to be erased, but Sibellius responds to say that Adam's own life was granted just because of Sibellius, so Sibellius deserves that for providing Adams life. The player says not to let Adams get manipulated by Sibellius, and Sibelius responds that he is merely advising Adams like a father to a son. Sibellius gave Adams purpose. The player reminds Adams of the pain Sibellius caused, and that the player IS Adam's friend. Sibelilus starts laughing, and the player asks some more questions, like how Adams's memory came. Sibellius responds to say that it actually came from Sibelilus's own past, only rerouted to forget memories involving Adams himself and other than that is a copy of Sibellius's brain. Sibellius is surprised when the player responds defensively to argue that he is very glad Adams made it this far. He thinks that it may be pure coincidence or some random glitch. In the first biosynthetic series, the Williams batch escaped their areas and banded together so Sibellius discovered the benefits of allowing subjects to interact with each other. To be of someone unaware of the experiment itself is why Adams is talking to the player, who was hand-selected after rigorous review. Sibellius asks if Adams should become Sibellius's vessel, and the player says no. Sibellius says sorry for the player thinking that but tells Adams how much of an honor this would be. He advises Adams to listen to more benefits to humanity, but the player advises against listening to Sibellius. Sibellius says that the player is making Adams doubt Sibellius's own words. Sibellius gave Adams purpose, his true purpose. Adams wants to live, and the player says to look at him and ask if Sibellius is really what Adams should become.

Suddenly, Adams starts feeling strange and realizes that there is some kind of remote and that his head hurts. Sibellius orders to do as he commands, and Adams says that Sibellius has some kind of remote and that he cannot know how much longer he can take this much longer. The player advises to take the remote and Sibellius takes it and smashes it. Adams feels better and says that Sibellius cannot control Adams anymore. Sibellius says that he must kill Adams for not allowing him to use his body, but Adams takes his gun and aims it at Sibellius. However, he cannot kill Sibellius since apparently he was programmed to not be able to. Guards arrive at the office. Adams decides to point the gun at himself, to which Sibellius finally admits to stalemate after initial threats by Sibellius. Sibellius says that they will meet again. Adams escapes and asks how to escape. The player reminds Adams that Sibellius has access to the comm, and Adams says that he'll do things himself and go to the emergency route. Adams escapes and notes how bright this place is. The place is unlocked, and there are plenty of vehicles to escape from. Adams shoots one of the windows and gets Blue inside of the vehicles. He asks the player where the key might be, and Adams either hotwires it or finds a spare key happening to be at the upper visor. ALT guards are coming, and are now driving as far as possible. Adams says that he can't risk communicating by this point, but hopefully the two will meet again for a round of Shirley Temples. Adams reaches one final dilemma, where he asks the player if he should identify as human or machine. The player can choose Adams to be human, to which Adams had a feeling the player would say that, and says that everything he's felt is real to him and that humans have the ability to make their own destiny, so now it's in Adam's own hands. He knows of what humans are capable of but is now not afraid. In fact, Adams says, he thinks that they'll meet again and may very well look for the player's advice in the future. As a side note, the game mentions that the player that #TeamHuman! or #TeamRobot! is chosen and can be seen on Twitter.


V. Adams[]

The main character of the game. He woke up in a frozen lake and tundra-like region with no recollection of his past with only a snowmobile and briefcase but has a device that allows him to contact the player.

Dr. Sibellius[]

V. Adams seems to want to find him as he is related to the ALT company that somehow has to do with him before his amnesia. Is described as part of the Biomedical Research and Development of ALT International. Interestingly enough, ALT's acronym is never revealed.

A Siberian Husky[]

Adams finds a dog, a type of Siberian Husky, with blue eyes V. Adams in a cage at some base.

I. Adams[]

A belligerent human who has removed his own teeth with a pair of pliers. V. Adams describes I. Adams as looking shockingly close to himself.

II. Adams[]

According to IV. Adams, was targeted by Dr. Sibellius at some base.

Dr. Rosenkreutz[]

One of the people found at the relay station.

IV. Adams[]

A somewhat mentally unstable man, he has knowledge about ALT and seems to like Dr. Sibellius a lot. He knows about two other people named II. Adams and III. Adams.

III. Adams[]

According to IV. Adams, stole a helicopter, which V. Adams sees early on in the game.


A scientist at one of the ALT facilities.


A scientist at one of the ALT facilities.


The secret to opening V. Adam's briefcase in the beginning of the game is to turn left, then right, then another right.

Later in the game is a password in an ALT facility, which is 3-3-Z-T-S-8-9.