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If you wish to win Lifeline 1, this is the path to follow. It is not the most efficient path to the end (164 choices made), and many of the decisions made would result in identical outcomes if the other choice were made. The columns preserve the format of the iPhone version (i.e., the left option or the right option). The apple watch version is the same, except the left column represents the upper options, and the right column represents the lower options.

I read you.
What happened?
Are you all right?
"Least prepared"?
Oooh. Smart kid.
Cope. Where are you now?
Want to talk about Colby?
Thanks for sharing that.
Sounds good!
Save your energy.
Check the crash.
Look for the crew.
Honor the dead.
Dig now. Explore later.
Check the flight deck.
Leave it in.
Look for a medkit.
Move the stasis pod.
Don’t celebrate yet.
Dig those graves.
Try the galley.
Keep trying the door
Get some shut eye.
Keep powering the pod.
Camp out by the reactor.
Ugh. Thanks for sharing.
Like normal spit, weirdo.
Back out of the canyon.
Walk the perimeter.
No worries.  Wanna chat?
Sure.  All the time.
Now I want some coffee.
Explore the Wreckage.
No, you should explore it.
You have to keep exploring.
Try the east hall.
Keep moving straight ahead.
Keep moving. Faster
Take one now.
Risk it; keep exploring.
Find out what it was
Seriously. Go find out.
Take the ginny with you
Keep heading for the peak
Keep going for the peak
Turn around and head back
Make camp
Check out the flight deck.
Just go to sleep.
Right. Back to sleep.
Make do with rat food.
I sincerely doubt it.
Okay then, you should go
Hike without a compass
Yes, keep going.
Sure, you've earned it.
I prefer it with beans
Yup.  Go for it.
Break a leg.
Sure. Take a pill.
Lay it on me.
Wait.  tell me!
Okay, that IS weird.
You’re sure they’re yours?
Check the opening.
Go through the door.
What happened?
Follow those… things
Take a second
Explore the wiring
Build something to stand on?
What? What is it?
Get out of there
No. Get out of there!
Okay. I understand.
Wake it up.
What do you see?
How is that possible?
Go out and meet them
It’s ok. I’m here.
Do you feel okay?
Please try for “good”
Stay where you are.
Good logic all around
Those creatures earlier
Step back from there
What happened?
How is that possible?
Do not get close
What are the rats doing?
What is it?
Can you warn the ship?
Can you override it?
I hope it works
You got it
Swear all you need
Keep working on the computers
So why bother?
That’s a lot of hope
What is it?
You need to back away
Calm down. Just breathe
You HAVE to keep breathing
Get out of there
Make a break for it.
Wildboy? Your dead rat?
You’ve got to get away!
You have to kill it.
You're better off killing it
What does it say?
Are they still being targeted?
Don't be inside it
What is?
Are they mourning Wildboy?
Which plate?
Sure. Lay it on me.
No. Absolutely not.
Just wait. Act casual
Million dollar idea.
How do you mean?
Take a minute if you need
Okay keep describing it.
Well, that’s…terrifying.
Just try to stay calm.
Just stay clear of it.
Makes sense. Tell me more.
What is it?
Are they threatening you?
I don’t understand.
Feeling pretty homesick?
Get out. Now.
What is happening?
You have to get away.
Stop looking at their eyes.
Screw calm. Get out of there!
No! Fight it!
Can you find an exit?
What happened?
If you can’t fight, flee!
There must be a solution.
Must be SOMETHING to compute
What’s “it”? Random bashing?
Hold on a minute…
Tell me your plan.
Obviously. I wish you luck.
How much time just passed?
Guard the computer.
What does it mean?
“Except” what?
You gotta get there first.
Try it and see.
You should get back up
What is the problem?
Run for the rescue ship.
Do NOT give up right now!
Shut up and run for it.
Dying right now is selfish
You have to warn others.
You are welcome.
You’re gonna make it!
Ignore their eyes.
What happened?
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