(Not to be confused with Lifeline Library)

From Wikipedia (Section 6):

"After the [Chapter 1] release of Lifeline: Whiteout 2 [on the Lifeline Library app], Three Minute Games introduced a new app, Lifeline Universe in 2017. This app hosts all previous Lifeline stories, and all new ones, as released. The new installments are written by established authors and contributors from the "Author Program", who have applied and partnered with the company.[9] These new stories vary from being continuations of past series, to original stories. Stories are hidden behind micro transactions. ...On August 15, 2018, Big Fish Games has noted in a Zendesk that they are still working on new content for players.[14] However, they soon followed up with another notice, announcing that the Lifeline Universe service would come to a close early November of the same year.[15]"

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