Taylor is the main protagonist of the IOS and Android games Lifeline, Lifeline: Silent Night and Lifeline: Halfway to Infinity by 3 Minute Games.

They were a science student and Cadet on the starship Varia before it crashed on the desert moon, where they became the sole survivor. Their gender and appearance is never specified.[1]

Taylor sends communications with the player to help determine their course of action. They are currently either dead or alive depending on the choices the player makes throughout the game.

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Taylor's appearance was part of the story and mystery of the Green series. Taylor also mentions in Halfway to Infinity that they were overweight before, indicating that Taylor's weight around the time of Lifeline: Halfway to Infinity is about average or below.

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Taylor is a generally upbeat person with a good sense of humor that carries them during stressful situations. When undergoing certain stress Taylor can get upset easily, though, and the player often has the choice to tell them to calm down or to take a breath. They get scared often at the situations they face, and Taylor does not react well to fear. An example is when Taylor vomits after witnessing the Greens' brutality while possessing the rat bodies. Taylor considers themselves to be nonathletic and brings this to attention most times they're met with a physical task.

Taylor's inexperience with their survival situation is often combated with jokes about what is happening around them, often at their own expense. Taylor is shown, and has been considered to be, very sarcastic and snarky. They make many references to pop culture, and quote song lyrics occasionally. They normally communicate using proper grammar and punctuation, though this changes whenever they're in pain or under extreme stress.

Taylor seems to be relatively susceptible to the optical hypnosis the aliens are capable of. They quickly fall under the hypnosis when first meeting the aliens, but is able to break themselves free relatively easily with a certain thought.

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