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Tunguskite is incredibly valuable and is sought after back on Earth. It is known for magical properties.

[SPOILER] The peak in Lifeline was believed to possess tunguskite, which can explain why that peak has properties that allow the peak to come in and out of existence. Taylor says that the mineral was mined from a planet called U33J6, which orbits a black hole.

[SPOILER] In Lifeline: Silent Night, Taylor uses them as explosives to prevent the infected green from grabbing hold of him.

[SPOILER] The Pearson Corporation (alongside the Green-eyed woman) and PWG seem to be after tunguskite in Lifeline: Crisis Line.

[SPOILER] In Lifeline: Crisis Line, Mary Jo, a possible suspect of Jason's death, says that she was inherited plenty of Tunguskite Crystals by her grandfather. Mary Jo says that her grandfather found them alongside the native Evenks in Siberia 50 miles away from the Tunguska Event. The crystals were taken as the sole custody of Chauncey as none of the Evenks were brave enough to take them over "supernatural" powers. They are also said to grow on their own, expanding and then splitting in two. Chauncey gives two of these crystals each to a geologist of the Royal Institute of England and one to a physicist in Chicago. Both end up in explosions, so Chauncey gives none to anyone else. Chauncey gives all rocks to Mary Jo, his granddaughter, as Mary Jo believes because no one else would listen to his stories even as Chauncey says he did so because she was a budding genius. Mary Jo also dismisses her grandfather as he believes him to be a believer in the supernatural, such as mages in Portland, Oregon. Mary Jo gives the crystals to Jason and his company to make enough money to provide for experimental treatment for her cancer. When Jason is killed over something else, his step-brother, Mike DeWitt, steals them. Throughout the game, the green, particularly the green-eyed woman, and Pearson Corporation are after the crystals.

[SPOILER] In Lifeline: Halfway to Infinity, the explosives Taylor made accidentally sparked a flare that resulted in making much of the ship completely on fire. T2aylor also says that these crystals are the result of Hawking radiation that encircles the black hole.

[SPOILER] T2aylor in Lifeline: Halfway to Infinity says that black hole around U33J6 was an artificial black hole accidentally created by the Green that permits the creation of tunguskite that traps Hawking or negative radiation.