aka Kkiten (2 k's, 1 t)

  • I live in Anime and Lets Play's
  • My occupation is entertaining myself
  • I am a cat

hello traveller, welcome to my user page, I obsessively edit things(1,161 edits on this wiki) and store some useful information here for myself. Read on to learn about me. for whatever reason.

About me

My profile picture is indeed a picture of the top of an empty Furikake (rice seasoning) container in front of a mural. It was the only hi-def picture I had on my computer at the time and its not even that high def because wikia shrank it. I use the Source Editor because I really need to learn how to work with markup. Wikia is a great place to practice.

Sometimes I compulsively organize stuff, so I took to editing obscure wikia articles. I think its gotten a littlebit out of control but whatever. I found a way to automate formatting tho: templates!!!

What to do with Duplicate pages:

Merging page histories

Merging page histories is a means of fixing cut and paste moves in order to maintain a complete edit history. Note: This action can be reversed, but doing so may take a long time, especially when the page has a long history.

  1. First delete the page at the correct title.
  2. Move the second page to the deleted page title, using the "Move" option in the edit menu.
  3. Open the history on the page, and undelete the content you deleted in the first step.

Correct procedure for fixing a page

  1. change DISPLAYTITLE
  2. rename to match Raw Data
  3. ctrl+F to check if there is alternate options that lead to the same dialogue and add the names of those options to the or... at the top
  4. ctrl+f to check if the dialogue is continuation of other dialogue and add a note of that to the or... at the top
  5. double check that the dialogue is mostly correct and fix links if need be
  6. change the links so that they match Raw Data or add "Click here to continue dialogue"
  7. there is no note of Previous Options on the Raw Data page, so if there are none already there, add the {{Notice/Options}} Template at the top below DISPLAYTITLE
  8. publish it, then strike out the page you completed on the project page, yay me.

To Do

Several things need to be done. You can do them for me if you like:

  • Rename and merge pages so that they match Raw Data
  • mark all the pages that have missing/incorrect options or bad formatting with Template:Notice/Options
  • update the documentation template from
  • fix the documentation template you stole from and give credit you thief.

Link Locker

I accumulate lots of links, and don't want to bookmark all of them in my browser because who wants that?

standard transclusion

(everything under my userpage on this wiki)


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