V. Adams is the main character in the game Lifeline: Whiteout. He communicates with you and asks for directions as you proceed through the storyline. 

Adams has amnesia when he first wakes up and begins communicating with the player. He takes his name from a patch on his clothes. He wakes up at the site of a snowmobile crash on a frozen lake that could be "anywhere from Canada to Siberia." Adams is the protagonist of Lifeline: Whiteout and Lifeline: Whiteout 2.



Adams, like his brothers (I-IV Adams) looks like a younger version of his creator, Dr. W. Sibellius.[1]


Adams has a strong internal compass and sense of morality, and is by nature respectful and kind to those he meets unless given reason not to be. He notifies the player quickly as to what he thinks and makes it clear what he feels. His emotional dependence on the player decreases as the game continues. He is easily influenced still, due to his inexperience, by both the player and Sibellius.

References Edit

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