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or Okay. Where are you? or Any idea where you are? or Okay. So where are you now? or Cope. Where are you now? all of these lead to this dialogue

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The only way I can answer that with any confidence 
is to say "stranded."
If you know where nowhere is, just look right in 
the middle of it, and you'll spot me.

if Taylor hasn't told you their name yet
My name's Taylor, by the way. Probably should've 
started with that.
The Varia was on a gentle elliptical path toward Tau Ceti IV.
I don't know whether we went off course, or by how 
I was nowhere near the bridge when it all went 
Colby, she... she shoved me into an escape pod and 
then went to see how she could help the others. 
That's just who she was.
I guess I blacked out in the pod, from shock or 
fear or something -- I don't know how long -- 
...and when I came to, I was here.

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